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4 January 2014

Chris Plumb


K&A Canal - Enborne


1415 - 1615


Rain! 5ºC. Canal the colour strong tea - and flowing unusually fast! WT 45ºF


3 Perch; 1lb11oz, 1¼lb and a sub pounder.


Paul and I had planned a morning trip - but given the forecast I'd switched to a post lunch session and Paul packed the whole idea in! Was still touch and go whether I went - but with the wind dropping right out I thought I'd at least go and have a look! And when I got there I nearly turned around and went straight home. Normal float tactics were never going to work - the bait just didn't stay near enough to the perchy looking 'features' long enough. So it was out with a plan I've been meaning to hatch for some time. A paternoster rig. Swung out across the canal to as near various features as I dared - it wasn't long before I had my first bite - followed by a couple more - given the conditions I was quite chuffed!


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