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23 July

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Newbury


1845 - 2315


Hot and muggy - temp still 21ºC when I got back to the car at 2330!


1 chub; 2lb 10oz, 2 Grayling 1lb 2oz and one not far under 1lb, 7 Roach - 4 really chunky ones biggest weighed in at 14oz, 4 Dace, a perch and a gudgeon (but yet again NO barbel)


This is getting a little repetitive! Another decent short trotting session - in fact for half an hour it was like fishing the Kennet of old - almost fish a chuck and never quite know what species would turn up next. I was also extremely hopeful of a barbel after the sun set as I'd seen a couple of flashes in the streamy water whilst trotting - but both isotopes didn't budge in 3 hours.


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All the 'usual' spots that have produced in the past - Hambridge, Brimpton, Arrowhead, Colthrop. Not ventured down to Padworth yet - though that's next on the agenda!

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Not to sound patronizing as we all know you are the Kennet master! But if you wwould like a pointer for brimpton I'd be happy to help

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Thanks for the offer - though you mentioning B means I'm pretty sure where you've been hauling them out - a swim I usually visit come the Autumn when they start to put on a bit of weight!

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