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Chris Plumb


Kennet & Avon Canal - Thatcham


1400 - 1600


Mild, overcast with drizzly rain clearing to a rather lovely sunset (see crap picture below!) AT & WT both 50ºF.


5 Perch; 3lb 10oz, 2lb 2oz, 1lb 12oz & 2 small-uns. 1 Roach - small but still somehow managed a whole lob!


Boss has very kindly given me a few days off work following Paul's passing and having spent the morning making a couple of calls, reading condolences and eulogies - and Clare's heart wrenching blog I needed to clear my head (and dry my eyes!). What better way to honour his memory than a couple of hours on the bank - especially with conditions spot on for winter perching. To add to the poignancy I headed to the last spot we ever fished together (see blog for 26 Sep). Both of us failed to catch perch that day - bright conditions and frequent boat traffic not helping the cause.

This afternoon felt different, with fish topping and priming all over the canal and scattering from the attention of predators (which I hoped weren't pike) on the far bank, I felt supremely confident of success.


Confidence which was starting to wane - as after 1¼hours fishing all I had to show was a solitary roach - which in length was shorter than the lob it took. I needn't have worried with 45 mins of daylight left the perch suddenly came on the feed. The 3lber was first up - though at first I thought I'd hooked a pike - really glad to see those stripes as I brought it to my side of the canal. The others quickly followed in the next half an hour and by a quarter to four it was all over, bites ceasing as quickly as they'd started.


Fat Perch



Winter Sunset





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