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13 January

Chris Plumb


Middle Kennet


​1000 - 1530


Cold, with bright sunshine for most of the day and raw north-westerly wind. AT never above 4ºC. River low and clear - despite yesterday's rain.


9 Chub: best 2; 3lb 7oz & 3lb 4oz. 3Doz+ Roach - quite a few fish in the 6-8oz class, 3 Dace, 3 Brownies & 2 Rainbows (all over 2lb)


Day off work - and a birthday treat (it was yesterday) as a guest of Merv. 9 years since I lasted fished here - though it won't be 9 years until my next visit as I'm joining Merv's little syndicate next season. :D Today's fishing was a little scratchy at times - bright sunshine and low clear water are not good bed-fellows when it comes to good sport. But I eventually found some nice roach and had a lot of fun with them for and hour or so - until a pike started to take an interest. And having started the morning catching nothing but troot I finished the session in the same swim catching some nice chub - a switch to trotted corn seemingly doing the trick in avoiding fish with an adipose fin!


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