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white Marlin Dream and Dorados by Mark Wesseler/Ohio

Mike Fisher


From: mark3954@netzero.net <mark3954@netzero.net>

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To: mike@mikesmarina.info


Date: Saturday, May 26, 2007 12:26 pm

Subject: Re: fishing charter info dominican republic


Mike, I would like to take this time to tell you what a great time I had while fishing with you in the Dominican Republic. First, the hotel which I stayed at was very nice and had a lot of activities. Next, I was also impressed with the crew ( Manuel and Catch'em ). Those men made me feel very comfortable and gave me an impression of professionalism in their craft. Finally, I felt that you had a natural concern for my well being in the Dominican Republic. I appreciated that you picked me up and delivered me to any destination including the Air Port. This attention to details made my trip there a wonderful time. As a Sports fisherman and traveler of the world, I feel this trip was one of the better fishing experiences I've taken and would have no problems in coming back to fish with you in the Dominican Republic. Your Friend Mark Wesseler








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