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16 June 2018

Chris Plumb


River Kennet


0400 - 0830 Thatcham

0915 - 1300 Newbury


Overcast start with some light drizzle - river very full for the time of year and quite coloured (boat traffic)


Thatcham - 1 chub 2¼lb, 6 dace, 1 roach, 1 Grayling and 4 Brownies to 2lb+

Newbury - 15+ dace, 2 grayling - both over 1lb!! & a couple more troot.


Wasn't going to continue this blog until somone unexpectedly asked if I was continuing and as I said yes I better put something up!!! Very pleasant start to the season roving a couple of favourite venues - hoping to pick up a few more chub - though the big grayling were a bonus!





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