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26 December

Chris Plumb


River Lambourn - Shaw

1000 - 1300

Cool (7ºC) and drizzly - river very full and with a merest hint of colour.

5 Grayling - all smallish & 5 Brownies (ditto apart from one 'netter')

As Sam was in Newbury for the NAC Boxing Day run and Jaq was hitting the sales - I had the perfect excuse for a quick session (not that I need an excuse!). Picked here as I wanted to see what the river was like now they've removed the gauge weir plus I wanted to try out my new wading boots. Fishing was very scratchy with no more than a couple from any one spot. Boots fit much better than my old pair which were too tight - and falling apart anyhow and the river minus the weir looks rather good - a lovely long deepish glide where the weir was - looked like it should hold fish when it settles down - and hopefully gets some weed growth!


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