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Chris Plumb


Willows Lake - Thatcham

1400 - 2015

Bright and breezy (actually blowing a hoolie!), clouding over with persistent rain from 1730 and much cooler - making for a thoroughly unpleasant evening!

4 Tench; 2lb7oz & 3 small uns. 4 Roach - all a 'nice' size, the one I weighed went 12oz the other 3 weren't much smaller. 5 Rudd. (And no carp - don't think I even had a bite from one)

So there are some 'silvers' in Willows as well (Have these rudd been recently stocked???) Again was hoping for a crucian to put in an appearance but bite detection was a nightmare in the very heavy chop - was boss eyed by the end. In truth I should have had a lot more - missed loads of bites and bumped at least as many fish as I landed. Had planned to fish well into dark - but the 'I'll be glad when I've had enough of this' moment corresponded with the rain abating (but not the wind!!!) and a hot bath was suddenly way more enticing than another 4 hours getting mesmerised and cold!


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