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Chris Plumb


Alders Lake - Thatcham

1830 - 2315

Overcast and warm(ish). AT 15ºC when I packed up.

1 Bream; 5lb 10oz. 2 Tench: 2lb 15oz and a smallun. 1 Crucian - small - handsized - but a very welcome sight. 4 small Rudd.

First time in a few seasons I've had tench AND bream in the same session from here - the bream was very much a last cast fish - was starting to pack my stuff away when I noticed my float dithering around and I assumed it was another crucian or even a crayfish - so very pleased to lift into a lumpy bream - my biggest (by a few ounces) from here. Crucian was a real bonus - clearly one that was stocked last winter - hope they can stick around and put on some weight!

Bream 5-10.jpg


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