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Chris Plumb


Middle Kennet Weirpool - Marsh Benham

0600 - 1200

Hot and sultry - 19º -> 27ºC. River a little on the low side but not as bad as it can be in August!

12 Chub: 6 over lb, best 2 both went 4lb 3oz (different fish) - nice to see some small ones. 3 Bream; 2¾ to just under 4lb. 30 Dace. 20+ Roach. 4 Bleak. 1 Brown Trout - 6lb 1oz (!!) & 2 Rainbows of 2½ & 3½lbs.

Cracking morning's trotting - though the big brownie was on ledgered meat and had me convinced I was into a barbel for a few minutes! 

Don't usually take pics of troot - usually try to avoid them - but this was one impressive spottie.


And Rusty will be pleased to see I've done some 'gardening'...


Bream pic (makes a change from Chub), this was the biggest - all 3 fought surprisingly hard in the flow!



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Wow, Chris. What a day! Well played. And you caught your tea! Inspired by your fine work, I spent a fun 2 hours at Hambridge this morning on double maggot - circa 20 fish, best a 1lb bronwnie (what's wrong with them?!)  As a new Newbury member I think I remember reading that Marsh Benham was no longer held by NAA so presume it requires another membership to fish? 

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This was never an NAA water (leastways not since I've been a member (1982) and I don't think they ever had any river above Speen Moors - in fact when I first joined we didn't even have the 2 weirpools and the field between them - which is why they featured in APFA as they were part of Benham Estates at the time of filming.  This is a piece of water that a dozen or so of us rent each year from the estate - took me 10 years to get in the syndicate - but its a lovely secluded spot and well worth the wait! I get to fish quite a bit of water 'above Newbury' especially in the winter and the trout can be a right pain when you're after a big chub - and the river keepers definitely don't want you targetting them!

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They were - was particularly annoyed about the Arrowhead - I'd caught 12lb barbel (all be it back in 2004), 6lb Chub & 4lb+ Perch from there. Never an easy venue - but could be very rewarding! RTAA have now taken it back (so I've joined them!)

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Hi Chris, I too have joined RTAA this year. I fished the midweek matches on the backstretch at Colthrop and the flowing piece of canal. Looks brilliant but didn’t fish well in truth. Of interest though, a couple of big chub 4-5lb were caught and one angler claimed to have lost 3 barbel. I returned the following evening to fish the same peg on meat and never had a bite. I believe there have been reports of barbel there this season. A few grayling also turned up 😀

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