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10 October (Part 2)

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Speen Moors

1015 - 1400

Cool, overcast and quite breezy. River in good nick - not as high or coloured as I expected after all the rain last weekend.

5 Chub; 3lb 6oz, 2lb 2oz, 1lb 6oz & 2 chublets. 1 Perch 1lb 7oz. 30(!) Roach with around a 3rd in the 8-12oz bracket. 12 Dace - all, bar 2, a really good size - biggest weighed in at 11oz but nearly everything else was within an ounce or 2 of this - cracking stuff. 2 Bleak & a Gudgeon.

Super trotting session - can't remember when I last caught sooo many silvers from here - and a really nice stamp as well. Had the biggest chub pretty much first cast - which was a nice welcome and was hoping to make my acquantance with it's bigger brothers and sisters but they just got progressively smaller as the mornng wore on. Stunningly coloured perch - which doesn't really show up on the pic.

The Colour of Autumn

Perch 1-07.jpg

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