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Chris Plumb


Lower Itchen Fishery

0800 - 1800

Bright and breezy, clouding over in the afternoon. River quite full (though has clearly been a lot higher recently)

20 Grayling; 9 over lb - best 4, 2lb 2oz, 1lb15oz, 1lb 12oz, 1lb 10oz. 4 Chub; 3lb 13oz, 3lb 6oz & 2, lbers. A dozen plus (too many!) trout to 4lb+ - mainly browns with a couple of silver tourists! 2 Salmon Parr.

Very slow morning followed by a lively afternoon. My first half a dozen swims produced just one decent grayling (first cast of the day as well) and a LOT of trout. In hindsight I should probably have stopped using red corn - my favourite bait for big grayling but the trout were just insatiable on it! By lunchtime I'd fished all my favourite spots and was feeling a little disconsolate as I dropped into a pool I've never fished before. A couple more trout we quickly banked but a switch to single red maggot then produced an instant result in the shape of the 2lber - just what I'd come for! 3 more new swims were then visited during the rest of the day - all producing good grayling - and chub to boot!

Grayling 2lb 2oz.jpg


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