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7 November (Part 2)

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Hambridge

1045 - 1345

Cool, milky sunshine. River at normal autumn levels - much lower than expected after a really wet month.

4 Chub; 4lb 6oz, 3lb 6oz, 3lb 2oz, 1lb 15oz. 7 Dace (4 chunky ones). 1 Grayling, 2 Gudgeon & a Brownie.

Hooray - banker chub swims gives up more than one fish! Had three in the first 20 mins with the 4th one coming after resting it for over an hour whilst I explored elsewhere.


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Well, well, well - I nearly bumped into you! Thought you might have hit Brimpton today - which I was also considering but fancied a grayling or 2 first!

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Would have Brimptoned it, but was invited to fish a non-NAA water in Wantage in morning. A lovely place, thoroughly enjoyed it, but not having not done great there either, I popped into my local Hambridge on way home to fill my nets. I seem to be having a tough time of it at the mo, fish-wise. Didn't think I was doing too much wrong, but starting to wonder. Whatever you do, don't go to Enborne this afternoon as I plan to be there sending all the fish to sleep.

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 Thank you for your interest. I lost a couple of biguns, got snapped up by a pike, had a canoeist plough through my carefully built-up swim, but still bagged around a dozen or so in the 12 ounce class. I might not make the cover of Perch Weekly, but it was a very enjoyable couple of hours in the fading light - worth digging up those worms from my allotment. Will certainly return with more. 

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Nice - I've found a lot of perch in that class in various stretches of the K&A this year and last. Were you fishing 'Dogshit Alley' or above Guyers Lock?

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On 11/10/2020 at 7:30 AM, Chris Plumb said:

I was the Hungerford side of Guyers lock, peg 5, in the narrow stretch. thinking it makes a good ambush spot for perch to loiter in the rushes. Managed to sneak there yesterday too, same swim as I felt we had unfinished business. Caught another 10 of the same class (plus a roach) , but lost a biggie which just took off when I had the anti-reverse on. Grr. 


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Hi guys, noticed your chat about Enborne. We had a match up there a few weeks back and it fished really well. 21lb won off peg 28, big perch and 2 bream in the 4-5lb range. I came 2nd off peg 16 with 13lb off perch, fishing tight across to the reeds. Had 1 close to 3lb and 3 others over 2lb. Best net of perch I’ve had on the canal. 12lb was 3rd off peg 5. 

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Blimey well done - which is peg 28? - I was there this morning sheltering from the squall under the road bridge and saw that p27 has been ripped up but couldn't see a 28?

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