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13 November (Parts 1 & 3!)

Chris Plumb


Kennet & Avon Canal - Enborne

0700 - 0915


1445 - 1630

Squally rain to start, overcast and becalmed to end. Quite mild.

18 Perch; Most 8-12oz with around half a dozen in the 1lb class save the biggest which went 1lb 10oz.

Dawn and dusk session to top and tail a trip to Speen and there appears to be a LOT of perch in the 12oz class this autumn. More fish during my dawn session than dusk - but that may have been due to pike as was bitten off twice.

Perch 1lb 10oz.jpg

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So there I was, on the canal bank at Enbourne having pinched a Friday afternoon from work. I'd caught nothing, the canal seemingly in the 'off' position when along the bank walked another angler. I immediately recognised his face from this blog, the fabled Chris Plumb. I introduced myself as one of his blog stalkers, perpetually in awe of every catch in the same venues I just scratch in. As he told me of that morning's chub, for the first time some fish movement appeared in my swim, and as he left and walked west to complete his 18-perch haul, I had 3 roach in as many casts before all went quiet again. As the light faded, Chris was walking back towards me on his way home when I could just make out my float sink on my 'Hail Mary' final cast with a large worm. He walked by just as I landed a 2lb pike. Just as I thought: Chris Plumb is a bloody fish magnet. They say 'never meet your heroes', but I'd advise you to make an exception should Chris pass ever your swim. 

postscript: Blanked this morning at Dobson's (though did lose a carp at the net). Where were you, Chris?

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