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19 December (Part 1)

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Thatcham

0915 - 1245

Bright with squally showers. AT 9ºC. River up a few inches with a tinge of colour.

1 Chub; 1lb 13oz. 1 Grayling; 1lb 5oz. 5 Roach, 2 Dace & 4 Brownies - an old warrior of 4lb 12oz & 3 parr fish.

My first visit here this season - mainly due to the fact that the venue has been closed whilst a new foot bridge across the Kennet was built. I usually consider this more of a summer venue so quite pleased with this morning's return especially as the river was sub optimal. Grayling in particular was a surprise - rare to see them this far down the river.

Rainsford Grayling.jpg


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Looks like lots of tree clearance has been undertaken Chris, have the fallen trees upstream of the pic location been taken out too?

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No - just that tree - think it was probably the people who's garden it was - as all the cut logs were on their lawn. Upstream is still a jungle - in fact worse if anything!

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