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Chris Plumb


Kennet carrier - Marsh Benham

0915 - 1345

Cold, calm and cloudy. Temps hovering around 0ºC all day (-1º when I arrived, +1º when I packed up). River in fine winter condition - gin clear and at normal levels.

9 Chub; 6X2lb+ - best 3lb 3oz (first fish caught!). A doz Roach - all a 'nice' size but nothing to trouble the scales. 5 Dace; best a clonker of 13oz. Half a doz Brownies - most around the 2lb mark - with one nearly double that.

Got a few days off either side of this coming weekend as I have a 'big' birthday coming up. Original plans had been to get away somewhere (Jaq won't tell me where!) but those were scuppered by Tier 4 restrictions before Christmas. At least I can get out on the bank I thought - so REALLY pleased at the efforts of the Angling Trust this week in lobbying to allow us to fish during the current lockdown. I've been an individual member since the early days of the AT and its nice to see them exercising some clout!

A benign if somewhat cold winters chubbing - always an obliging species when the mercury is down - and thankfully they just about outnumbered the trout today. Merv had said he'd had some good dace from here when I bumped into him at Speen recently - and he wasn't wrong - I thought it was another chub as I'd had a couple of that stamp - one of my biggest ever from this bit of water.



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Had a few Chub jyst above the railway bridge Chris ,biggest was exactly 4lb 

had 5 different upper double Puke now between 15/04 and 18/04 plus a load in the 9 to 13  lb range 

I had the the big girl on that snatched your trout but had just returned the 18:04 and the net head was unattached due to weighing ,in trying to sort she made the tree across the river snagging the paternoster link and I looked on as she shook herself off the hook 

anyway I’ve had therapy for it and better now lol

the  following visit she snatched a 2 lb trout off me on the retrieve 

livebait doing all the damage 

Having a good season with a Thames 16/08 Barbel as well as the big Chub from our island 

The big Pike from LS would just put the cherry on the cake 

Good to see you the other day and may bump into you soon 

ps live the blog and glad I’ve rediscovered it 

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Hiya! That's a splendid run of fish - pity about the biggie - just have to catch it in the next couple of months when she's at her heaviest! I didn't venture down to the main river on my last trip - expect the weirpool was a pity pacey!

Probably bump into you on LS sometime.


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Yes be good to catch up 

Don’t know if you saw the dead Heron that had been eaten ,Otter kill maybe 

hopefully get a bit of time in there before the end of the season 

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