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  1. JV44

    8 January

    Yes be good to catch up Don’t know if you saw the dead Heron that had been eaten ,Otter kill maybe hopefully get a bit of time in there before the end of the season
  2. JV44

    8 January

    Had a few Chub jyst above the railway bridge Chris ,biggest was exactly 4lb had 5 different upper double Puke now between 15/04 and 18/04 plus a load in the 9 to 13 lb range I had the the big girl on that snatched your trout but had just returned the 18:04 and the net head was unattached due to weighing ,in trying to sort she made the tree across the river snagging the paternoster link and I looked on as she shook herself off the hook anyway I’ve had therapy for it and better now lol the following visit she snatched a 2 lb trout off me on the retrieve livebait doing all the damage Having a good season with a Thames 16/08 Barbel as well as the big Chub from our island The big Pike from LS would just put the cherry on the cake Good to see you the other day and may bump into you soon ps live the blog and glad I’ve rediscovered it
  3. A village near mine has a horse racing stables ,back in the early 80s a jockey lad from their that I played football with won 50k when that was a lot of money on 2 horses using his inside info and all his money That would of bought a couple of houses then even down here at that time ,it was gone in 18 months as he started chasing more quickly instead of waiting for the one he had info on knowing when to stick I guess
  4. I’ve caught them on livebait ain’t dead for Perch ,big lives to as the majority of the first 50 or so 3lb plus Perch were accidental captures live baiting for Pike with 4 to 6 oz baits Perch and Chub have big gobs I spend a lot of time winter fishing for Pike over 30 years so your gonna get lots of freak captures ,big Chub for their day from a lake next to the Kennet that had a liking for Sardine lamprey sections they love if you spend a bit of time introducing them Steve Walker had a reasonable one trolling lures from my old Portabote years ago These fish hang round the back of our island mooring where no one else can fish for them and feel safe ,introduce a couple of balls of mashed bread under the boats where they live and cast in and drag feeder under the boats bow sit and wait ,,,normally only a minute and it’s a 3 foot twitch I’m only as good as the water in front of me ,same as anyone else I have a bit of the Thames in mind for next winter where no one goes,it’s below a favourite bit of mine that has become a bit of a circus after a 8/10 and 9/01 Chub in recent years and I’m thinking the fishing pressure has pushed them downstream away from it and where they feel safe Hope you all stay safe and this year slowly turns out better than last
  5. I will see if Matthew will post up pics simplicity of Facebook I guess
  6. Kennet I have a great Video but it’s to big to load here and another pic of a Chub on a mat don’t do it justice Matthew Simmons of old off here had 3 chub over 6 in one evening off the Thames recently
  7. Caught plenty from the Thames using small sections of Sardine ,Mackeral but esp Lamprey sections Helps if you prevail with fish chunks for a while first i had a monster on bread today jyst over 8 plus a 6/05 yesterday will see if I can get a video to load on the few hours out today
  8. Ian pointless because you can’t load pics ? I just click on add files and it lets me pic photos off the phone
  9. Please no more paddle boards on the Thames If 1% are licences I’d be amazed ,they follow zero rules of navigation and frankly I’m amazed again that one or more haven’t been squished by a gin palace
  10. Went Pike fishing with Rusty the weekend before last and managed 4 but missed 3 runs ,trialing circle hooks but unsure if I will stick with them at that strike rate first one hit the bait within a couple of minutes of casting out ,second fish actually took the Roach on the drop same swim mint fish no marks or hook damage and no fin damage which is good from the Kennet
  11. Flying Tench if you’re thinking of the bit where you had your big Pike a few years ago then Andy the lick keeper is chucking peeps off as it’s no lock and weir permits in this COVID time Just a heads up Steve
  12. Ian yep not going to beat that in a hurry ,been out hunting Pike with Rusty and had this one and a few more a couple of weeks ago Hope your well and staying safe
  13. Martin I prob should of put it in catch reports but thought Ian would like a pic of a southern Shandy drinking Barbel
  14. BoldBear tge actual same boilie just gave it a squirt of booster liquid ,it somehow stayed put so I thought why not Fishing off our narrowboat and it tore off upstream I managed to get it back near the boat moved the other rod out of the way and splash knocked my landing net over the side whilst doing that,then I saw it in the head torch and panic set in ...luckily had a big gye landing net I use when lure fishing and GF leant over to net it with that proper comedy of errors but I’m still buzzing now ,,,not going to beat that in a hurry Thames fish
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