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  1. Thinking of trying the river Lot in France next year maybe hire a cruiser and travel and fish ,anyone been ? been asked to price a customers house in the Alps near the Italian border so may try to combine the 2 ,big Catfish and Zander appeal but carp will do if not
  2. you need a kayak then search it vertical jigging or casting
  3. Agree hasn't made a difference in gangsta types shooting each other or in other crime ,made a mahoosive difference in legally held guns shooting school kids or peeps walking down a high street though ...like say Hungerford I worked with Michael Ryan a year or so before he went onto his rampage ...oddball loner who wouldn't say boo to a goose ..well unless he had his trusty AK 47 with him I believe the Dunblane fella was of the same make up, sneeze in the wrong direction and loose your licence in my book having seen the makeup of many licence holders in my rural area I know peeps bring out the he could have killed loads with a knife ,well I reckon a random labourer or scaffolder would of battered Ryan in the high street before he had a chance to post a Cricket score I suppose after taking a breath [Hungerford or Ryan mentioned does that to me ] our gun laws after those work I mean who needs a 9mm handgun or AK 47 at hoe for sporting purposes America is ****ed for sure Google Jim Jeffries gun control vid if you haven't seen it
  4. Going to Brewery tonight so subject to hangover may pop out to find you ,SS or Goring
  5. I got it wrong Chris he is busy doing domestic stuff and sorting his covered planter for going his herbs ,,,cough
  6. I aint been on here for ages but finally got round to getting a new password, new puppy in the house but hope to get in a couple od sesh before the end of the season ...Rusty is out today so maybe he will post up catch results or even blank results depending on Lady Luck Steve
  7. Well got round to sorting out new password at long last ,bump into a few fishing mainly Rusty,Steve W ,Matthew and Kappa occasionally I have looked in from time to time but just seems dead....anyone know if Anderoo is still about ?
  8. Damm that Walker chap now I am going to have to get one to or face redicule of blimey Steve how heavy is your chair
  9. Says the bloke taking the Harrison for repair lol ,yes fair comment as Steve says anything that light and thin walled will be vulnerable to fatal dings that the Harrison will laugh off and say is that all you have got Keith doing a tap dance on it was probably outside and warranty hope you find your way home mate and the Volvo don't leak
  10. Chris Brasier aka Rustmeister just wondered about the durability of the rod that can lift a big Chub and swing to hand Seems as durable as an Acolyte he he Still the Chub was a good one
  11. Appleford bit looks good to and you have seen the other bits
  12. have you joined LAA then Chris
  13. JV44


    Just as impressive as there sneaky sandwich stealing antics is the evening chorus numbers of them deliver ,serenaded every evening on the Murray river and powerful and evocative it was
  14. You old git hope you have had a nice day mate
  15. i have the Acolyte plus in 14 and love it ,there was a spate of breakages 4 or 5 from my local tackle shop mine being one think it may have been a bad batch but the shop got it replaced no problem ,,,,think when the blanks are that thin and light then the smallest ding makes them vulnerable
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