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14 February

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Speen Moors

0830 - 1300

Cold, cloudy with a stiff, chilly breeze. AT around 1º-2ºC all day with significant wind chill (!), showery drizzle for last couple of hours. River very full - but clear.

4 Chub; 3lb 5oz, 2lb 12oz, 2lb 7oz, 2lb 2oz. 5 Dace - all small. 3 Brownies 1½-2½lb - also lost an enourmous trout - had it on for ages and got a good look at it - my pb is 8¾lb and this was a similar size - don't usually mind when a brownie throws the hook - but a bit gutted when this one did!

Surprisingly productive session given the conditions - a strong cross wind making float control tough. Got off to a great start with 2 chub and 2 trout before 0900! All fish from just a couple of swims - bar the lost brownie - which was hooked when I went for a wander to rest my 'hotspots'.

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Aww, what a shame. Still, a great bag none the less. I fished from the wooden footbridge on the Kennet stretch nearest Guyers Lock yesterday. It seems such a good spot, but apart from a 3lb 8 brownie and one lost fish of similar size on your patent red sweetcorn. (could have been the same fish) I struggled for a bite despite regular and gentle loose feeding and occasional conker-sized ball of liquidised bread. I feel I'm just a subtlety or two from hitting the dace/chub etc. In my post-fish self talking to, I decided that maybe next time I should use a heavier float than the 5BB wire-bottomed stick, perhaps with a thicker tip. I was trying to fish slightly over-depth but it was dragged under so much that this made bite recognition difficult. Sound right to you?

It will be lovely to return to virtually-tropical temperatures this week. 

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I fish a lot heavier float - 5½AA and step up to 8AA on faster rivers such as the Itchen & Frome.....

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