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What happened in 2020?

The Flying Tench


I've just realised it's been more than a year since I posted, so I thought I'd do an update to let the world and the computer system know that I am still around!

What fishing happened in 2020? For me very little. I can't remember what the problem was in winter 2019/20. I think it was the time I had tennis elbow! Then in the spring and summer we had Covid and restrictions on fishing and tackle shops coupled with a house move - not far, still Didcot area.

In the autumn I did at least wet a line a few times.  I have joined a new angling club, Wantage and Grove, and checked out their lake a few times. I caught a reasonable bream, 4-5 lbs, and a few chunky rudd of about 6 oz. It doesn't sound much, but I like the lake, and talking to other anglers there I am looking forward to giving it more of a go this year.

Then this winter I've been a few times and blanked! Most of the winter the Thames has been very 'up and coloured'. I know in the books you can catch barbel in such conditions, but I think that's further ahead on the learning curve.

The good news, of course, is that 2021 will be far better! I'll keep you posted when there's something to report.


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