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2.3.21 - Kennet & Avon Canal - Hambridge

Had a couple of hours to fish until sunset this afternoon. Blue sky, glorious early spring feel, but high air pressure and chilly later on.

The canal is maybe 30ft wide and 3.5 ft deep in the centre. No boat traffic. Slow flow.
Tackle: Waggler float -slightly heavier than I thought when I tackled up - shotted 'shirt button style' (4BBs, 3 no6's), 4lb mainline, 2lb hook length, size 18 hook.
Tactics: Fished mainly central channel to two thirds across. Mixed up fishing overdepth, just above the bottom (as determined by float not dragging) and up to 2.5ft deep. 
Bait: Maggots. started with two reds, then two whites, one of each, one plus a caster, single red then single white.
Feed: 6-10 maggies loose fed every 3 or 4 minutes so as not to overfeed.
Target species: Roach/perch/the occasional brownie. 

Result: Overfeed what?! Zip. Not a bite. No bubbles or other sign of fish life. Would have been delighted with a single gudgeon or a bleak - I know they're in there!

Was I doing anything horribly wrong? All thoughts welcomed.


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I know!- thank you.  I'd already utilised it a few times to correct my typos and couldn't be bothered to go in again!

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