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3 September

Chris Plumb


Summer Pit , Yateley


1900 - 0000


Cool, clear and still. Temp dropped from 18ºC - 8ºC


3 Tench - (6lb 11oz, 4lb 14oz, 3lb 3oz) 4 Crucians (2lb 10oz, 2lb 4oz, 1lb 15oz, 1lb 14oz)


All fish caught after dark - 1st bite around 2045. Unusually, most fish to float fished meat (lift method as per usual!). 4.14 Tench and the 2.10 Crucian falling to bread. Biggest tench of the season and my biggest ever from this venue - had gorgeous, almost vermilion, colouration on its stomach. Biggest Crucian was a bit of a fluke - very much a last cast fish - in fact I had my back turned as I packed my stuff away. Rod got pulled from its rests and, 'what I took for a tench' headed for the tree roots in double quick time against the clutch. Really surprised for it to turn into a Crucian - who said they were shy biters??!!



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