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15 October

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Nr Thatcham


1900 - 2315


Mild and breezy, air temp rose 1ºC to 14ºC. WT 13ºC. River down 3-4 inches on a fortnight ago - considerably less weed coming down too, dark when I arrived so couldn't gauge clarity.


10 - yes 10 barbel. 10.05 (thats 3 doubles in 3 trips!), 8.10, 8.02, 7.08, 5.07, 5.00, 4.14, 3 unweighed around the 4lb mark.


Another stonking evening on the Kennet!


Fished my ' new' swim last night (hereinafter called 'Doubles' or 'Broken Rod' - see below). Would have stayed a bit longer but had to be up at 0500 this morning to go to Bradford.

Also managed to bust another rod!! Not as catastrophic as last time thankfully - tip ring snapped off my carp rod fighting the double - they fight bloody hard in the fast current! Managed to bodge a repair on the bank and caught 3 more including the 8.10. All fish on 14mm halibuts.

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