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Isn’t It Funny..?



Isn’t it funny how life seems much richer in the days immediately after a big fish? After my little floater fishing expedition the other night I keep catching myself smirking or grinning for no particular reason. Funny that.


My ‘fishing’ mind is now firmly fixed on tomorrow as I’m hoping to do a day on Capesthorne Main Lake. After a good initial session last Saturday on the Garden Pool end I’m looking forward to the new challenge this water offers, not to mention the possibility of banking one of the three stunning northern thirties that this water holds. However, my ‘home’ mind is firmly on babies today as Lisa and I are off out shopping shortly to look for prams, cribs, baby seats and suchlike. I saw some fantastic Recaro baby-bucket seats in a magazine the other night which would look great in the Subaru, but as they are only for babies over nine months old I guess I’m jumping the gun a bit!


Oh well, I’d better push on – busy day. After shopping we are meeting up for lunch with friends before they jet of to Chicago to plan the wedding they are having there next year. Then it will be back home to do some more house jobs before hopefully sorting out some fishing gear for tomorrow.


Must remember to get some new batteries for the camera! :rolleyes:


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