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One Of Those Weird Sessions...



Did a day on the Main Lake yesterday.


Did not catch anything but felt I did almost everything I could. Got down there about half seven and had a good look around before setting up. There was a strong wind heading right down from the shallows to the bridge with a proper chop on it (about 18-20mph wind). The garden pool was calmer but already had about six people on. I decided as it was so warm I would set up right in face of the wind (fool I hear you cry!) where it hit the bridge as I was sure there would be fish there having a mooch to what had been carried down the lake. Shortly after setting up I had two large fish crash right out in front of me.


It was one of those weird sessions where everything seems right and you’re just waiting for a belting run, but then nothing develops! I think much of this was down to presentation as there was some heavy silk weed that just masked everything within seconds of casting out – it was a nightmare to be honest but I stuck it out re-casting every hour or so. Had a few wind-ins to view from the bridge and saw some monster kippers around the baited spots so it was just one of those really. At one point a group of six fish drifted into the area – all of which were over twenty pounds with three that looked well over twenty-five, a truly stunning sight – I was completely mesmerized as they all rooted around the dying-back pads following each other around. Majestic is not the word!


Ho Hum. I’ll be prepared and armed accordingly for my next session. Odd that that seems to be the only area in the lake with heavy weed as the garden pool side seems to be clear, as does the majority of the main lake.


Oh well, next week, eh!? :blink:


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