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gawsworth trip



Sunday 8th June 2008: 05:45AM

Not a cloud in the sky, the mist curling up from Gawsworth Fisheries Park and Wood pools, the setting looks ideal for a good days fishing. Along with new fishing mate Garath we are both fishing two rods, buzzer and bolt rigs are the order of the day;

06:20, finally set up in what looks like a fine carpy looking spot, after a walk around we discover the half dozen or so bivvy dwellers have had a very quiet night, with not a single run or fish between them. I see a big black back break the surface just in front of me plus a couple fish roll just to my left about 30-40yds out.

08:00, with the sun coming up the temp starts going up and up, a lot of fish topping and splashing all around us, looks like this could be a good day!

11:00, the left hand rod with a single bright pineapple flouro pop up on gives a couple of one bleeps, liners maybe? on the right hand rod, Sonubaits Boosted Tuna Wraps, i've had great success using these in the past. with this is a pva bag of broken boosted wraps and a few different sized halibut pellets.(brew time Gaz!)

13:00, Nice one for the coffee and bacon butty Gaz, back to the business at hand, its now well into the 80's (farenheit), i can see plenty of fish topping all over, or sat stationary in the top layers, whatever they're doing they're not feeding!

14:30, time for a change, i dispense with the boosted wraps and lead set up, and set up with the method feeder(28g fox carp feeder), method mix consists of a load of vitalin, a tin of corn and a couple handfuls of micro pellets, with the obligatory rubber corn on the hair.

Using a tree as a marker on the far bank, a gentle lob puts me 40yds out in open water, i clip up and no sooner set the bobbin than its away, after a short scrap a perfectly formed single figure(8lb 4oz) common is on the bank, the curtain is still in place and i believe this fish has not been caught before.

16:00, a couple of decent bream have fallen to the method, im still the only angler on the lake to have had a carp!!, is it too hot or bright or what? there's been no sign of carp topping for a couple of hours now!

17:30, after struggling for 12 hours we decide to call it a day, by this time the lake had emptied anyway and we are the last to leave. I feel sorry for Gaz, he blanked but not for want of trying, the fish just wren't having any of it. between us we went through the whole gammut, including, dog biscuits, various different pellets/boilies of all flavours, paste, bread, worm, corn, maize even maggots on a clip, nothing worked, other than the old faithful method feeder.

In conclusion; scorching hot weather and clear blue skies are not the best of fishing conditions, give me

an overcast cooler day with a south westerley wind, i would take that any time!, still theres always next time watch this space!!

Next installment; Trip to Drayton Resevoir 29/06/2008


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