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June 16th 2008



Fished the Banker from 4.30'ish to 10 p.m on the opening day.


Good flow on the river and holding slight colour, just enough to still be able to make out the dimensions of the sandy patches but not enough visibility to spot fish in the deeper sections.


Spotted two good Chub under bridge leaving the town. Sidestream's in good nick although little apparent fish activity in the main carrier stream.


Fished the B for a small Chub of 3 1/2'ish at 6 p.m and then further down on the corner past the cow drink and under far bank for Chub of 6lb 1oz at 10 p.m. Both Meat.


Temp around 17 C. Wind - SSW and light. Last real rain - over a week. Main weir - full. Mill sluice - drop only (no through flow on mill run off). Moon - full on 18th. Otters - heard cub(s) and saw skeletons under bridge.


::Bream shoal reported spotted up top in the willows week before. Spoke to guy with a 7 from Bwgh on Y.


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