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23 June

Chris Plumb


Newbury AA Lake Thatcham


0430 - 0930


Hazy sunshine, 10ºC - 14ºC


6 Carp ( 14lb 11oz, 7lb 7oz, 6lb 12oz, 3X5lbers), 4 Tench (1½lb-3lb), 1 Roach (14oz), 2 Rudd, 1 Perch.


Pleasant session. Fish on a variety of baits and methods. Meat, s-pellet & floating crust all caught. Biggie was a opportunist fish right at the end - was packing/packed up when I saw the fish had moved into the margins to hoover up some of my groundbait that had dropped in. Re-tied a hook and lowered a piece of meat onto its nose - to be snaffled immediately!




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