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4/5 August

Chris Plumb


Newbury AA Lake - Widmead


1800 - 0500


Mainly cloudy - breezy at first. 20º - 13ºC


14 carp - (best 4; 10lb 5oz, 8lb 2oz, 7lb 15oz, 7lb 3oz all others in 5+ - 6+ bracket), 5 Bream (5lb 6oz, 5lb 2oz, 4lb 14oz, 4lb 2oz, 3lb 11oz), a doz rudd, roach and perch (mainly rudd).


A busy night!! Most carp on pellet, though had 4 carp and 4 of the bream on float fishing margin tactics - meat, corn and maggot all catching. Packed up at 1st light to beat the rain!


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