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27lb Carp On Deadbait..!



Maybe I was attacking the Main Lake all wrong at the weekend. A friend of mine has just informed me that he had a cracking 27lb+ mirror out of the same lake on a small deadbait last week! What can you say to that! It appears he cast out the small roach tail and sat back to let it develop. Shortly afterwards the rod rattled off and he thinks he’s into a decent pike. A few people gather by his swim to see how big the pike is going to be, only to be greeted by a cracking fully scaled mirror hooked neatly in the middle of the bottom lip!!


I’ve heard a few accounts in the past of carp taking deadbaits but it’s the first time it’s actually happened to somebody I know. It does not really surprise me though. Having witnessed big fish rooting around on the bottom on countless occasions I’ve seen them pick up allsorts, and I guess a nice little piece of roach tail could be quite tempting at this time of year!


Better get some traces tied up!!



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Whilst most freshwater fish are not noted as predators I think that its likely that very few won't eat deadbaits or livebaits. Particularly at this time of year when some species go on a pre winter, pre spawn eating binge. Bream are notorious for doing precisely this and I've had several fair and square on lures on Grafham reservoir and the Ouse at Ten Mile Bank. Barbel also are regularly caught on baits and lures and I've caught broadland rudd and roach on fry shaped flies. Carp I suspect, will be no exception.


It would be interesting to know whether it happens sufficiently to make deadbaiting for carp worthwhile and are there points in time when traditional baits fail and only deadbaits work.

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As you say, Argyll, a very interesting topic. I can’t say I fancy the idea of targeting carp with trebles, but I had been thinking of maybe a scaled down single hook affair using a small section of sprat as bait. If no carp were forthcoming I’m sure I’d have a bit of fun with the large perch and pike that are known to reside!

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Julian I have some nickel teflon fine wire Eagle Claw circle hooks in sizes 10, 6 and 2 made specifically for freshwater fishing and impossible to find in europe. They have a dull finish, are very sharp and since I started using them, have accounted for chub,barbel and bream. I use them hair rigged with pellets, meat, whatever. It strikes me that they might be just the ticket for a small section of sprat or roach with carp in mind if you figure out the mechanics of attaching the bait to the hair. If you care to PM me a contact address, then you're more than welcome to a few hooks in each size for a bit of trial

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Julian mate, had many species on small deabits before when fishing for eels, the only trouble being i picked up most other species with the exception of eels!

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