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Chris Plumb


Middle Kennet Estate water - Nr Hungerford


0700 - 1700


Dull and overcast - Last day of Anti-Cyclonic gloom? 10ºC. River at 'normal' levels colour from the weekend's rain now all dropped out.


41 Grayling (4 'pounders' best 1lb 5oz, over 2 doz circa 12oz), 17 Dace - (best 2 weighed 12oz & 10 oz, 8 over 8oz), 1 doz Trout (50-50 Rainbows/Brownies) best 3¼lb Brownie.


Lovely day exploring the carriers with a float rod and CP. 12oz dace was first fish of the morning - which got me rather excited - alas I couldn't winkle out a bigger one!!


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