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As Suspected…



Had an enjoyable session on the Top Pool last night, although as suspected, I returned home fishless. Not that it matters much up there; it’s never an easy water and only gets harder during the winter months. Some people say I’m mad fishing on the Top Pool through the winter when I could easily be catching on other local venues, but where’s the challenge in that? After all, when they do come along it gives you such a sense of achievement that all the blank sessions just melt away. I remember doing countless winter overnighters on there last year with nothing to show for it, then, with just a few weeks left in the season I banked ‘spot’, which must rank as one of the prettiest fish I’ve ever caught – so for me its always worth the hardship (picture below).


I met up with a new member last night, Phil, who was fishing the next swim (just two of us on the lake). We’d been talking a bit via email so it was nice to finally put a name to a face. Had a good chat about previous exploits, and it would appear Phil’s become addicted to the Top Pool like the rest of us… Oh dear, another victim!


Check your brains in at the gate my friend, it only gets worse from here on in! :blink:


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