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Winter Wonderland

paul mc


just a short one this time :)

After doing a workparty last weekend which involved pulling chopped down trees from an island across a frozen lake, we went to a small stream after some grayling. The stream is called wincham brook and is one of the few places i can class as a banker when most other places are frozen over. The set up consisted of 11ft rod with 3lbb line straight thru to the hook, 3AAA stick float with all the shot about 8" from the 16 hook which was dressed with 3bronze maggots.

The stream ranges from acouple of inches deep to about 3ft at the deepest, having all the shot near to the hook makes it easier to change depth for each swim fished. After trying 5 different swims without a bit we stopped at a deepish pool on a bend for a much welcome cuppa.After moving on thru 4 other swims i eventually ended up with 1 trout (about 2lb) and lost 3 dace at the net, i'll blame the new pattern hooks i was trying for the first time for losing the dace.

We eventually called it a day after about 3 hours fishing without even seeing a targeted grayling.

I have just booked a few days off work around the 20thDec where i will be trying the severn or the Dane again for some chub, hopefully ill be out spinning before going the match to watch LFC(the champions of Europe) beat Wigan on saturday morning :P

Hopefully my next blog should involove a few pike, a couple of chub and LFC climbing up the league after beating the pie eaters ;):)


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