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Chris Plumb


Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Goldalming (Harris Lake)


0730 - 1900


Cool, calm and overcast with light rain all afternoon from 1300. Max 16ºC


14 Tench; Biggest 3 - 6lb 2oz, 5lb 9oz & 4lb 9oz with the vast majority being around the 3¼lb mark (only 1 under 3lb).

4 Crucians; 2lb 3oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 10oz, 2lb 13oz. 1½doz 'bits' - mainly roach with a couple of rudd, perch and even a gudgeon!


A very enjoyable day's angling - our 'annual' visit here postponed from June when we bottled it due to a poor weather forecast - a shrewd move given what we caught! Made a very nice change to fish this place in a flat calm - always been blowing a hoolie when we've come in the past. Paul had a very similar return - eventually. After a slow start, 2 swim moves - including a spell on Richardsons - he ended up with some nice fish in the last 3 hours - including a cracking crucian of 3lb 6oz - (equalling his PB for the 3rd time). I should point out though that Paul caught the vast majority of his fish on the method feeder - the cad - so of course they don't count!! tongue.gif


I spent the whole time in the same swim on Harris - got off to a cracking start with the 6lb tinca and a 2lb cru in the first hour and thereafter caught steadily throughout the day - particularly in the afternoon after it started raining - the lower light levels appeared to bring them back on the feed after a bit of a lull late morning. All my fish caught float fishing in the margins - with 4mm or 6mm pellet. Most of Paul's fish fell to worm or worm/caster cocktail.


Some Pics...


My best tinca.



1st Crucian of the morning.



My best Crucian of the day.



Paul's 3lber.



Yellow tench - caught by Paul.


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Hmmm.....the cad needs to clear a minor point up here :D


I was not using a method feeder but a very small, 10g, free-running in-line feeder that came free ages ago with a copy of AM. It's one of those flat ones that comes with a mould, used with a tub of scalded trout pellet, and a short, 3" hook length. Using any form of leger rig on a second rod at this venue is very much my "sleeper" rod however on this visit I managed very few fish on the float rod, strange.

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