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July 24 - Club Match 4 - Frogmore




Frogmore is another nice club venue and as at Riverside Road it is fairly prolific when pleasure fishing but much tougher in a match. This is not helped at this time of year by the low water levels.


8.30 Draw today, fishing 9.30 to 14.30.

I drew a peg which has one of the 3 small islands in front of it, one peg from the end of the lake and the island was easily reachable with the pole. Unfortunately the fish were playing hard to get and even more so at this end of the lake as it turned out.


I did not hook a fish across to the island, what bites I had were from the 5m lines to the left and to the right.

I only hooked 1 carp during the match and wouldn't you know it, it was when using a light rig to try to get a few bites from the skimmers/bream. I saw the carp's tail and it was a good size but when it made a second dash towards the reeds on my left, the hooklength parted.


I ended up with a few skimmers and a couple roach for 3lb 2oz. The top 2 weights came from the middle area of the lake, the winner had 2 carp for 15lb plus silvers for a 21lb total.


Official report HERE



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