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Thailand Fishing



Dear readers & fellow anglers,


I will over the next few months be writing many in-depth and diverse articles regarding fishing around Thailand. 'The Land Of The Smiles' is one of the most unique countries I have had the pleasure of living in, complemented by a beautiful culture and religion.


The fishing is also as unique as the people of Thailand, with a diverse choice of exotic freshwater and saltwater species to target. Thailand truely offers something for every angler's taste and I will be sharing all of my knowledge, experience and thoughts with you from now on.


Until my first article is completed in the near future, I would like to sincerely offer my help and advice regarding anything Thailand or fishing related - so please feel free to email me any questions or comments at any time. Until then, tight lines.


Eddie Mounce \ info@fishthailand.co.uk \ www.fishthailand.co.uk


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