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  1. Dear Budgie, This is perhaps quite outdated now but I feel I should reply to your rather aggressive post anyway. It is simple, Bungsamran Lake is obviously not a venue for you - so choose not to fish it and leave it at that. There are many like you who prefer other forms of fishing at other venues, equally there are many anglers who come fishing with my team and they have a dream days fishing - everything they wanted in a fishing session and more. Is this wrong for people to enjoy this venue? No it is not - much the same as you are not wrong for not liking this venue - but what is wron
  2. Here are some very new, recent updates (not published anywhere else) about Bungsamran \ Bungsamlan Lake - the Bangkok fishing venue which produces catfish and carp over 200lb's. Bungsamran has undergone a 'face lift' recently - all of the old original fishing bungalows have been removed and replaced with brand new more luxurious ones. This is good news for some and bad news for others - depends on what you like. Personally I liked the original ones more as it was more rustic and authentic. However the new ones admitably are much more comfortable - espeacially for those who wish to experience
  3. Dear readers & fellow anglers, I will over the next few months be writing many in-depth and diverse articles regarding fishing around Thailand. 'The Land Of The Smiles' is one of the most unique countries I have had the pleasure of living in, complemented by a beautiful culture and religion. The fishing is also as unique as the people of Thailand, with a diverse choice of exotic freshwater and saltwater species to target. Thailand truely offers something for every angler's taste and I will be sharing all of my knowledge, experience and thoughts with you from now on. Until my
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