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Season's Over

Steve Walker


Well, that's 2005/6 over. The last couple of trips were a bit barren, but not a bad year all-in. With the rivers out of bounds I must decide what to do for the next few months. The stillwaters are open, of course, but I don't fish them much in the old closed season. Doesn't seem right. I suppose it's a bit pointless waiting when everyone else will be pulling the tench out in May; it's not as if I'll be stepping onto virgin banks on the 16th.


Currently, I'm thinking about beach fishing. Specifically, where to go this weekend. Option 1: go somewhere this afternoon/evening. Maybe the Solent, or South Wales. Trouble is, the catch reports from the Solent are abysmal and I don't know how Wales is fishing. Option 2: Sand Point. Fishable for four hours Sunday morning, but it means getting up early.


I suspect a blank is likely either way, but we'll see.


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