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Windswept, but not interesting

Steve Walker


Decided in the end to fish Lee-On-Solent on Saturday night. I should have checked the weather forecast, because when I got there it was blowing a gale off the sea. I fished two rods (Iain had to work, so I borrowed his kit), one with a three hook flapper relatively close in and one with a big bait clipped down on a pulley rig and chucked as far as I could into the wind. Didn't get a thing on the big bait (tried crab, lug, mackerel) but a few six-inch whiting hung themselves on lug or mackerel on the flapper. Fact is, it was so rough that I couldn't see any bites on either rod. Fished roughly two hours before high tide to two hours after, gave up at about half ten. Soaked, and the wind seemed to be getting worse. Another bunch of four or five anglers up the beach came to the same conclusion, again with just a few tiny whiting to show for the exercise.


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