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10/11 August

Chris Plumb


Harris Lake, Marsh Farm - Godalming AS


1400 - 0930


Hot and sunny. Night was clear and felt quite cool by dawn with a mega heavy dew! Gorgeous night to be out fishing under the Perseids!


14 Tench; Biggest 3, 5lb 13oz, 4lb 10oz, 4lb 8oz. All the rest in the '3lb class' save 2 which were smaller. 7 Crucians - all over 1lb (though a couple by not much!) biggest 2lb 5oz. 2 roach, 1 rudd & a perch.


A really lovely session which came to life at 2130 as it got dark - had hardly a touch in the previous 7 hours in the heat (hardly surprising!) Nearly all fish taken on Paul's lunch!!! Prawns - a handful of which he threw in a tupperware at the last minute before leaving home - but which eventually went to the fish! Paul had 13 tench - though nothing bigger than the 3lb brigade and 12 crucians with 3, 2lbers to 2lb 12oz - ALL being caught with said lunch (we cut them up into 4mm chunks). Certainly a bait we'll bring here again!


Saw a lot of meteors - especially in the first part of the night before the moon rose.




My Biggest Tench (of the session)


Paul's best Crucian of the trip.



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