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    All, Why I am doing this I will never know. A preponderance, if not all societies have been vengeful. It is the nature of the human condition. The death penalty satisfies the natural human desire for vengeance. This may not be one of its stated aims, but it's the main reason why people support it. Executing criminals takes vengeance out of the hands of private individuals, thus maintaining social stability while at the same time satisfying the community's desire for revenge. FOR ME HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES WHERE I WOULD NOT COME TO THE DEFENSE OF MY OWN FLESH crimes are so serious that only the death penalty will suffice. Violent and sexual crimes against children, for example. When the death penalty acts as a deterrent. With the best will in the world, some criminals are beyond rehabilitation. Philosophical focus on theories of punishment and the abandonment of the death penalty, including arbitrariness, mistakes, or discrimination in the use of capital punishment and others do not impress me for I am morally justified. PHONE
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