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  1. GOZZER, "Bad breath" was a pun on your post to Cod. Your actual quote, "I'll wait with BAITED breath" Just hit my funny bone. As for your eyes - you very well may be sensitive to the chemicals in your cleaning products. Here is a url that may help https://www.aoa.org/patients-and-public/eye-and-vision-problems/glossary-of-eye-and-vision-conditions/conjunctivitis#1 I have a cousin who is very sensitive to chlorine and as a lad would suffer after we went to the swimming pool. As for wives - the more decrepit and worn out I become the more giggles I get from her. Of course in fact she is very caring but just can't keep from a brief laugh at my grumpy attitude and comments. Perhaps the snickers are used to replace other emotions. Actually it was perhaps a little over a week ago surgardaddy and girlfriend tested positive. By the time this is posted you will have better news about the hospitalization. Until we commiserate falling apart again - - - - Phones
  2. Aii, Gozzer, you probably should go ahead and brush your teeth. You told Cod you had bad breath. As for me and mine I'm bored and right on the verge of being grumpy. My early garden of spring flowers are a couple weeks early and just gorgeous, mostly bulbs. My wife is also working from home. She says she could get used to not getting dressed. Some years back I would have agreed with her, now I just hold my tongue. GOZZER NO POLITICS - just came across the telly they took Boris to the hospital. Phone
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    Ant, Me too, It is true our constitution clearly mandates civilian control of the military is a fundamental part of the American bedrock. As far as I am concerned, I do not believe this incident is what the founding fathers were referring to while being detracted killing bothersome Brits Phone.
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    ALL - Someone notify an administrator Phone
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    ant, Pretty much the consensus is an emotion I have never experienced having not served in the military. The Captain was told his choices were to OBEY ORDERS or to look out for the welfare of the sailor under his command. personnel: - 4000 - - ship :nuclear aircraft carrier Until a few days ago, Captain Brett Crozier would have been considered among the U.S. Navy’s most distinguished commanders. The root cause was last election he ask for and received permission to make an unscheduled port stop. Untold the underlying reason was to let his 4000 sailors vote (it is though they must have been democrats ha ha) and Trump was laying for him. He is being turned into a martyr or a villain - you pick Surprising to me, many ex military side with the politicians Phone
  6. CHESTERS1 Wot me neighbor has . New $60. HE SAYS IT WORKS A TREAT Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Color: White/Ivory Phone
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    Gozzer, You not only could go on and on - you do go on and on (frankly I love it). I too can go on and on, especially about the world's finest gamefish. Top carp angler of the day, Jack Hilton, with his first carp from Redmire Pool. At 35lb it was the largest carp recorded in 1967. My first British encounter. The roots of fishing for carp in the UK began from the need to eat a plentiful food source, to hundreds of years later becoming the greatest phenomena to hit UK angling during the latter half of the last century and into the present one. The redoubtable Richard Walker caught his first 20lb carp at Dagenham on the last of July 1952 along with a 17½lb mirror the same afternoon – this catch caused much excitement and admiration. Anglers by nature love stories of big fish and places that hold them. Many carp anglers will have heard of carp called “Leney’s”. Carp fishing history is blessed with evidence that Bernithan Court Water (renamed Redmire Pool in late 1952) was stocked with 50 yearling carp on 10th March 1934. In the early hours of 13th September 1952 Dick Walker landed, with essential help from his friend Pete Thomas, a carp so large that the angling world at first thought it must be a hoax. Walker’s decision to arrange to have the fish transported to the London Zoo at Regents Park. It became an overnight sensation and over the years masses of anglers and other folk came to look in wonder at this truly monstrous freshwater fish. When Dick Walker landed a 31¼lb common (true weight 34lb - but that's another story) on the opening weekend of the 1954 season, people then starting to talk as though he was a new messiah in fishing - and in many ways he was. In 1972 two young carp anglers gained access to the Redmir syndicate their names Rod Hutchinson and Chris Yates and things were about to change again. With energy and commitment plus a touch of quirkiness the pair ran roughshod over all that had happened before. It was the small particle approach that won the day for these Redmire anglers. Rod, ever the bait experimenter, tried all manner of baits including hemp (very successful), chick peas, mini-maples, haricot beans, black eyed beans, jelly babies (I kid you not) shrimps and god knows what else. While Chris threw in pigeon racing beans, mungo beans, aduki beans and the most successful of them all, sweetcorn. Chris had taken a tin of Jolly Green Giant sweetcorn with him to eat. It was opened one July morning in 1972 to form part of the filling for an omelet. Using half the contents for the dish, it stuck Chris that it might be useful as a bait. ENTER THE STORY PHONEBUSH FROM AMERICA (Phone) A fellow bait tester from BERKLEY introduced me to a fine young Englishman, Dr .Bruno Broughton which pretty much coincided with Newt Vail bringing me along to anglersnet. Most know the rest of the story so here is the short version. I am a certified expert all things carp. Until late 1992 I was equally knowledgeable on rods, reels, lines and hooks from an American perspective. I fished with you chaps 3 or 4 times, once Redmire courtesy British Tobacco Company and dam near got kicked out. Phone EDIT: I have a sentence or two in this 2010 document. My advice was from about 1985 (haha) Those of you that haven't read it will enjoy even if it has changed in the last 10 years. http://www.therrc.co.uk/MOT/References/EA_Fisheries_habitat_improvement.pdf real edit: most of this is NOT original and I've forgotten the author's name. re-typed from an old paper as it somehow was not on my computer
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    Elton, we are all very concerned. Update the situation (hopefully with cheerful news). Phone
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    Ant, One of my favorites Phone
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    CHESTERS 1 All is well on the western front. I've been hog tied and relegated to the potato cellar. I have given some thought to what shall be your portion of my will. I have a couple sentimental objects I'm sure you will enjoy. My favorite adjustable aluminum flip-flops and my favorite peacock bowling shirt. You can wait in anticipation as they are valuable one of a kind Phone
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    All, A question I too have pondered John. Not likely a bio-agent many pathogens can be engineered to a more specific target. The animal thing had a chance but the first victim had not been near the market. There are a ton of corona-viruses. Several have crossed over from mammal to human. This one is novel and has no doubt done the same. It is my understanding there are now 3rd and 4th generation mutations. I ask a farmer friend - ohh - three weeks ago if he thought the jab cattle get would work for us. Haven't seen him since because of circumstances. I guess the obvious answer is pretty obvious Phone t
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    All, Trump is playing a **** poor job of playing catch-up. Just as bad, his personality simply does no have even a wisp of compassion. WE got trouble right here in river city. Phone
  13. All. We are still allowed to go fishing and maintain "social distancing". It really wasn't much of a gift. But quarantine extended to 10 June Phone
  14. All. HOW about this - - - states have now suspended all fishing licenses. ALL FISHING IS FREE - - at least until the COVID19 threat is past Phone
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    ALL, We've been quarantined for the month of APRIL. I would guess the supply chain will be depleted at some point in time. I can't actually fault either side of the pond. No one here thought it was the real deal I;m afraid Phone
  16. Ant, My sincere apologies Phone
  17. ALL, Side bar - mr wienstein is quarantined in isolation with COVID-19 Phone
  18. ALL, Perhaps the "hidden news" is that Boris has the crud Phone
  19. Phone


    ALL Trump has ordered General Motors to open a closed down assembly plant and start making ventilators (????????) Phone
  20. chesters1 with an existing national debt of $23,000,000,000,000 (trillion) do you think there is a nation in the world on cash only. As far as I know, I'm the only person that merchants expect cash money Phone
  21. Cod - who is taking advantage of hiring these gig lads and lasses'? UK ranks pretty with the UN on human rights. Do you use a gig on your boat (or is it a ship?) Phone
  22. CHESTERS1, here is a bit on the UK https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/17/coronavirus-rishi-sunak-promises-to-guarantee-330bn-loans-to-business Phone
  23. chesters1, be an optimist phone
  24. Huge, The compensation package for executives like yourself have been announced from the 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package. cut and paste Executives who made more than $3 million in 2019 could be awarded $3 million, plus half of any sum in excess of $3 million. As a result, a chief executive who earned $20 million in 2019 would be allowed compensation of $11.5 million, or $3 million plus half of $17 million per year. The restrictions would apply from the time the federal support begins to one year after it ends. Phone
  25. Cod, HARDLY A BREXIT OR A COVID-19 PROBLEM. If they are paid by the gig they are Labours problem when mistreated, all 5 million of them. Are you in denial labour politics isn't responsible for gig jobs? The real reason I'm online this morning - - - - - - - - PAID $0.2475 for a liter of petrol this morning ($.97 per US gallon) lowest since 1982
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