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  1. You are built taylor made for a winter in Arizona. Sunny - 65 70 f and well suited to searching for nuggets with a detector. In fact, the rage is using detectors that that also hit on iron, but lookin for gold. I have to tell you there are 10 for every ONE I saw in 1964. I haven't been back in probably 20 yrs so I really don't know. Still, there are millions of acres that are virgin Phone
  2. Gozzer, I thought long and hard about posting a picture. FIRST one ever since joining March, 2001. I was saving the idea in case I ever caught a fish. Thought me with a fish would be a novel idea Phone thx
  3. Chesters1, Probably the number one reason I could not maintain an interest in fluff chucking was gold. As soon as I would see a few flakes the 'ell with the fish rod and out would come the pan. My best ever about 1/2 oz - 50 years ago Phone
  4. All, I believe my most consistent practice with bridge piers is, I never fished the backside if it was sunny. When the back or the left or right side were in the shade I still found them to be just average. I too always think it is a "fishy" looking environment only to be dissapointed. Phone
  5. Gozzer, What helps is - - - - seeing you post again Phone
  6. All, Of this I can assure you - HOPEFULLY I am quoting myself. """ “Carp eat between nothing and very little when the water temperature is below 50 degrees F. and what they do eat they digest probably less than 5%”.""" A couple observations and biological facts HEALTHY carp can live seven months without feeding. THIS is the reason carp do not survive the far cold extremes. ON topic (if I remember my own stuff) the warmer the sweeter, the colder the more acidic. IN cold, carp will continue instinctive foraging behaviour and attention to tactics is far more im
  7. Phone


    ALL, JUST a reminder - - I, FOR ONE am not especially impressed with the alternative Phone
  8. it might get busy for a while
  9. Huge, STATISTICS is not something I rely on very heavily. I usually just lie and deny. The one thing I am very careful about is I always read "the terms and conditions" before I check the box Phone
  10. ALL, The UK has the world's 5th largest economy (I think). How can you have the 15th highest standard of living in EUROPE? Someone is pushing the pencil. Cod, some of what you say has merit. WHY are you so zone focused on BREXIT you have no desire to discuss the devastation that's being created by COVID-19? The pandemic appears to be 10 times the singular problem you focus on.
  11. All, I am a 50 year subscriber to MINIATURE DONKEY TALK MAGAZINE (go ahead CHESTERS1, google it). I have to agree with PETER to some extent. For me, late 60's - 70's - and probably early 80's in carp angling were the golden years. Since angling for the most part is a chosen avocation and hobby not many care to read redundant stories about common carp an omnivorous fish. They can eat a herbivorous diet of aquatic plants, but prefer to scavenge the bottom for insects, crustaceans (including zooplankton), crawfish, and benthic worms - or that they have 50 chromosome. You wa
  12. ALL, First, may I say that may be the ugliest GD creature ever. We know, while I can't see one, a single scale could determine with 90% accuracy the heritage of the fish. I have this obnoxious feeling nothing about this story will pass even the simplest sniff test. I call foul. I can completely understand Peter's reluctance to be even remotely associated with carping in 2020. I found carp angling in the UK to be an honorable sport (err - 1976).
  13. Phone


    ANT, Fifty is the ultimate "F" word Phone
  14. All, One day, Little Johnny saw his grandpa smoking his cigarettes. Little Johnny asked, “Grandpa, can I smoke some of your cigarettes?” His grandpa replied, “Can your pen!s reach your a$shole?” “No”, said Little Johnny. His grandpa replied, “Then you’re not old enough.” The next day, Little Johnny saw his grandpa drinking beer. He asked, “Grandpa, can I drink some of your beer?” His grandpa replied, “Can your pen!s reach your a$shole?” “No” said Little Johhny. “Then you’re not old enough.” his grandpa replied. The
  15. COD, It's the fishermen that determine when they are "essential". YOUR government only speaks for the lumpers. GOVERNMENT does not make you go to sea in time of peace. I love your use of the word "irrelevant" - I kind of believe you are catching on. Life in the UK seems to go on. BREXIT is irrelevant except it offers freedom of choice Phone
  16. Cod, You are confusing me (not hard to do really). Let me see if I have this straight. 70% of the commercial catch by UK fishermen goes to foreign buyers. 70% of the commercial fish consumed in the UK come from foreign fishermen. According to your government the only "key" essential workers are the lads who unload the massive container ships of foreign fish bound for the UK market. - - - Have I got that right so far? As for the boats themselves, you the captain, decide when to fish or cut bait. Only those unloading the foreign supply ships are key workers. I suppose there were
  17. Ken, THANKS - - what you see of my onion I took home and finished later. This is the darned restaurant. They serve both the onion and a double handful of french fries with every order. Always bring some of each home Phone
  18. ALL, About time I guess. 2020 has provided me with some real challenges. For example eating this onion. Half a year ago I was diagnosed with "Large B cell lymphoma" cancer. The fix is chemotherapy. I intend to continue to be around for at least three or four more years. I have zero complaints, I've had a rich and rewarding 80+ and wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe a couple things - like 3 heart attacks, 4 strokes, diabetes, stage 4 kidney failure, and assorted other boring maladies. I just don't want to sneak out the back door without Chesters1 having a peek. I
  19. COD, Don't be ridiculous. Fishing in the UK is more than a trade. Couple that with a starving world and - poof - you have a market. Phone
  20. Cod, If there is no deal before the end of the transition period, the U.K. could theoretically cut off access to U.K. waters for EU vessels. YOU do realize ENGLAND HAS A SAY 1666 OR 1066 WILL PLAY NO ROLE IN UK WATERS CUT AND PASTE FROM YOUR PREVIOUS POST PHONE
  21. COD, What about the 200 mile no access with BREXIT phone
  22. KEITH, It is truly an embarrassment how quickly we get out of touch as we age. In fact, I would bet I haven't spent 3 hours in the last three years with an angler committed to EURO style carp fishing. I have never even seen a Delkim TXI Bite Alarm. Truth is I know nothing of their effectiveness. At one time I was a superb freeline sight angler - - - let's see -- - - how about 1973 Phone
  23. All, I nearly always used, I believe you call them "swingers". In some cases it could be a 4 inch bobber and in other cases a bit of chewing gum wrapper. I would concede I haven't done three night sessions in my lifetime. However, it is just my opinion alarms usually do not represent a significant event at the bait. Massive drop back or screaming run means a fish has hooked itself IMO.
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