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  1. Phone


    All, More snow and bad weather. To amuse myself I was thumbing through old "stuff" She was a beauty but not the largest by a long shot Phone
  2. Tigger, Only once did I remotely enjoy fishing in the very cold. October 1964 in Alaska arctic grayling are about all that was available. The water in the streams is still flowing but the line freezes on the cast and on the retrieve. It took some getting used to for sure. Half a day twice was enough for me. 4 lb mono but don't let Gozzer know I was on occasion dink fishing. BTW it is quite common for pike to do exactly what happened to you but with grayling although it has never happened to me. Phone
  3. All, Gozzer rang the bell (almost). It is also the day John moves the thread to - - - - just a thought - how about the "GREAT GLOSSARY" I'm almost positive BREXIT isn't in the Glossary Phone (hint hint John)
  4. All, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone tomorrow will be a VERY important anniversary date. Phone
  5. Tigger, Your fish look a treat. No fishing here even if I were fit. 3 degrees F (-16 C) with a cold westerly wind. Your chub must be acclimated to pretty much the same methods and offerings winter and summer. Good to see you using the new Browning but that reel could use a sponge bath Phone
  6. Chesters1, We have a number of pet-peeves in common. The only thing I could add, in my case, I'm the one paying the fees Phone
  7. All, I have no tolerance any longer for fiction. Thus, I've given up reading political fish wraps. It is likely I'll be reduced to children's rhymes and dirty jokes by month's end. I maintain my staunch resistance to turning on any TV. Knock knock Phone
  8. All, Although I have now exceeded my allotted 100,000 posts to this thread I would like to offer support the Hugh Vitae. Big Cod's last couple posts have been concentrated camel dung. Here On 20 June 2016 the Council adopted the Directive EU 2016/1164, laying down rules against tax avoidance practices that directly affect the functioning of the internal market. See: Legislating for Brexit: EU directives; implementation 2019 The directive is another victory for fair taxation and another blow against those companies that try to escape paying their fair share. Controlled foreign company (CFC) rule: to deter profit shifting to a low/no tax country. Switchover rule: to prevent double non-taxation of certain income. Exit taxation: to prevent companies from avoiding tax when re-locating assets. Interest limitation: to discourage artificial debt arrangements designed to minimize taxes. General anti-abuse rule: to counteract aggressive tax planning when other rules don’t apply. For the purposes of paragraph 1, an arrangement or a series thereof shall be regarded as non-genuine to the extent that they are not put into place for valid commercial reasons which reflect economic reality. The U.K. government has been regularly publishing statutory instruments (U.K. secondary legislation) onshoring and amending EU regulations for Brexit. “Legislating for Brexit: EU directives” [multiple various dates] Not a word of this is original. Straight from the House of Commons Phone
  9. barry Germany (the ECB) will gladly be a lender of capital. Phone I respectfully withdraw the above comment
  10. barry, WOW, "demersal fish" ? wish I had a demersal fish in my reef just above the thermocline. Why are you using big words with BC? Phone
  11. All, Whatever Martin is going on about doesn't seem to affect me either. However, my "fact checker" does highlight in red when phrases like "sometimes i ramble away saying some thing"... it changes the "sometimes" to" ALWAYS. Phone
  12. All Obviously I know NOTHING 😋 My post was with the thought Cameraman could get his gizzmo in this manner Phone
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