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  1. All, ow scheduled to be released from rehabilitation to go home about 1 MAY. Some foolish rule I failed the Intellectual therapy examination. phone actually feeling much better. Gaining weight back, got down to 11 and a half stone. Went in the hospital at 15 stones Feb 5th.
  2. Ant, I'M sure you've seen my recent post. I would be glad to answer any details you may have Phone
  3. ALL, Of course, I’m right I’m Phone and I’m back. Although there should have never been a doubt. There have been a few of the boring snags; for your perusal. · How does such a event begin ? Simple, · “ Dr. Vamanan has reviewed your medical records and performed a thorough physical exam. · You endorse recovering well after surgery. · Your CT showed a lymph node that might have increased in size right beside your aorta. We're going to send these results to your Primary Care Physician and arrange a referral with HemOnc. · Please call the Vascular Center at 816-932-2585 if you have any questions or concerns. Thus began the long trek toward today – with the repair of an aortic aneurism.” Enter stage left Furha Cossor, MD Saint Luke's Cancer Specialists. YEP – cancer. Skipping ahead nearly a year ten months of chemo eradicated the cancer. – Good news – right? – Well not quite !! For all but a smidge of 2021 I have been hospitalized. It seems constituents of the chemo not only took out the cancer, they decided to take my heart and lungs also. It was thoughtful but I would have preferred to end up with more than 25% of both heart and lungs BUT SUCH IS LIFE. Which brings me to today April 11. I WILL be going home WEDNESDAY. Should be back to regular by weeks end Phone
  4. CHESTERS 1, Do you have a preference Garrett AT Pro 55 Year Anniversary Special Metal Detector Price: $692.55 & FREE Shipping or Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector and GPZ19 Coil $9,499.00
  5. chesters1, leave me out of this
  6. All, For the first time since the onset of Covid-19 I stopped in one of the major sporting goods retailers (Cabela's). Truthfully I did not stay as long as I originally intended. I was very uncomfortable with the presentation of goods for sale. For example, a guy had half a dozen $300 pairs of boots trying them on. I don't believe there was anything "safety packaged" in the angling section of the store (i.e. hooks, lures and end kit). All clothing was accessible to be fondled. I have to say an about face was not out of order and under NO circumstances will I return until at least the checkout counters are wiped down between customers. Phone
  7. All, I am astounded by my personal vision into BITCOIN. KEY FACTS As of 9:30 a.m. ET, the price of bitcoin has surged 9% in the past 24 hours to about $57,350, pushing weekly gains to more than 20%, according to CoinMarketCap. The prices of ether and binance coin, the world's second- and third-largest tokens, have surged 13% and 120%, respectively, over the past week, helping the broader crypto market amass a total value of nearly $1.8 trillion–nearly twice as much as its $1 trillion market capitalization at the beginning of February. Phone
  8. ALL, Just setting nestled into my chair looking over top of the line thermals. Holy crap - I am stuck in the minus 20 degree F range. What prompted this post is that as much as 60 - 70% is sold OUT. Phone
  9. Cory, cut and paste as you can tell Phone
  10. Cory, She is one of the earliest African-American film stars to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress Phone
  11. All, Looks as though to keep our "deaths per day" numbers respectable we will open schools Feb 16 Phone
  12. Chesters1. A thousand pardons. I eat store-bought white bread and a complete dunce on where and how it gets to the store Phone
  13. Chesters1, "GOT A BRAIN" - I'm beginning to think not. If it's not on your phone or the internet you must seek out a borg for advice Phone
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