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  1. I agree with you there Fred. SW
  2. Seen that recommended before, thanks for the reminder 'OT'. First things first, Hospital Monday, test procedures, work out whats wrong and how to put it right? She might even be able to straighten up enough eventually? But its going to be a longish haul, as backs so often seem to be???
  3. Janet, I have noticed one or two others are not showing Exif details . . . so I suspect its not strictly enforced? Not being sarky to you by the way Janet, as you say, if you can do it with no help there is no excuse for any AN Photo Forum member not to post at least one comp., picture as a show of solidarity . . . SW
  4. I've just had a tally up in my mind, I've got 5 cameras sitting around . . . 5 !!!! Three point and shoot compacts and two DSLR's . . . How, why??? . . . I can only use one camera at one time!!! Although the Canon A640 will come in handy, Hazels back and curved spine is getting to be a problem. She uses the Nikon D40X, but is finding having to stand up straight as you do for a DSLR, a bit of an effort these days, and its a bit heavy (for here), picture taking is supposed to be fun . . . So we will dust off the swivel screened Canon A640 and she can use it at waist level like a '
  5. Hellbelly: "I try to take my camera with me most places. If I'm going to a family event or going comping then its a given that the camera goes too. I often take it to work because you never know when you might want it and I've got a couple of projects that I want to do and never know when I might have the opportunity to start one." Mick. Hay Mick, holstered ready to draw I've put it in the other post, but there is 8 days to go, what about one of those great 'scapes' you used to do when you first got that wide angle lens, enter it in the competition, keep the end up so to speak? S
  6. There it is people, up load to the comp is . . . "Much easier than saving to Photobucket" !!!! Mmm . . . 'Save as' works in PS and Elements . . . could be the other way round in you program 'save', is there a manual, or an 'on disc manual' more likely? Questions and Answers: (how to) 'save exif information'? SW
  7. I dont think so Janet . . . you want to have a go I aint got time, off to take Hazel to the hospital for assesment now!! I'm late!!! SW
  8. Janet you have a way putting your finger on the point; other forums, I agree, can get a bit 'precious' and AN is a bit 'tired'. You are right HB, snatcher will comment but that is it, sorry I dont comment on your pictures . . . as you say, heavy on PS'ing, I prefer the old fashioned, minimalist, keep it in the camera, 'Box Brownie' style, nothing personal mate, I'm just to old to appreciate new styles I suppose. I have tried a couple of times to get discussion going, with either little or no response, or, unhelpful comment destroying the effort. At lest this one seems to have jolt
  9. This is the photo-pic'ie side of an angling based forum. We used to get a lot of 'siting by the lake, rod in hand, I saw . . . ', not so many of those now??? As photographers, how often do you have a camera with you, always - sometimes - at weekends - only in my fishing box - do you go out on special picture sorties? Personally, I keep a camera with me most of the time when practical, including work, earning a living as a driver, I see things that I register in the mind to come back to or if possible, stop there and then. 'Wall of glass', one of my this months comp entries was a, 'go
  10. You are right Fred, it was also initiated as a new heading each month, the words 'Fresh topic' come to mind? We could do with some fresh topics in general terms, thats the other part of this thread, loosing the 'chat/how to/I've been . . . ' side of the forum? SW
  11. Yep Den, I think Janet has a point to. Put my link in your 'Favorites' column, I keep an eye out regularly, one click! SW
  12. Problem Janet, 'its all a bit of fun' . . . trouble is, even fun comps., get serious to those that follow and enter. The lack of entries and therefore perceived interest? . . . sort of take the edge off don't it? Its a slippery slope . . . I do think 'why bother' sometimes Not being able to see how the vote is going, takes the edge off for me, like watching a football match without seeing the goals or cricket with no runs, even the Euro-vision song contest without the points board . . . , but thats a personal view of course. Perhaps your comment on pinning 'AN Photo Competition
  13. Here you go Janet, this is my link I use in my 'Favourites' to cut through the rather converluted way to get to the comp page . . . you know what you may have hit on a reason why the competition is not so well supported. There is no direct link, you have to go through Steve's explanation pages and use the link on one of them!!! Unless there is another way I don't know? http://www.photocumbria.com/gall/thumbnail...at=0&page=1 You are right there is no pinned link refering directly to 'competition entries'? Don't explain the poor use in other more general use and chat? By t
  14. I have no wish to be unpleasant, nasty, difficult . . . however, what has happened to the entrants to the 'AN' photo competition. For last month and this month I have count 9 names in total so far? Going back to January 09, there were 21 votes in total on the old system, one vote, one member and in previous months to that I seem to recall even more votes on the same old system, recall one month in 08 the winning picture received 20+ votes alone?? I think thats right, I'm sure someone will jump on me if its wrong The reason I mention the old system, votes = members voting, there seemed
  15. Remember I did ask if someone had been playing or demonstrating with it when this thread first started . . . All's well that ends well. Enjoy, SW
  16. What ever you have done Janet, keep doing it, the pictures you took going to the shops, they are fine, you should be happy with them. Back yard pictures are not showing? I presume you have deleted them from Photobucket. I've had a look at the two pictures in PS Elements, frankly they are very good as far as balance in 'levels' is concerned. Levels shows a graph to indicate how well the colours is distributed, it looks OK to me. I've added a tad of 'sharpening', not an unusual requirement on any photo, regardless of camera. I'm wondering if the program that came with the c
  17. Her you go Janet, had a little, very quick play, hope you dont mind . . . ? with the good pic you posted. Its not perfect and there are better at it than me. Gives an idea of what can be achieved 'simply' I'm definitely a 'keep it simple stupid' type when it comes to 'post processing'. Thats what it is to me processing as one would expect in the old days of the limited adjustments of the dark room. First the Original you posted. This one is mainly adjusting the green and a little sharpening, slight yellowish warm tinge to the image that I find acceptable. This is a lit
  18. Its your call Janet, but, what about a 'brand change'? on the grounds of 'no faith in brand/product'??? and 'not fit for the purpose for which it was sold'? Depending on budget??? I suspect you could do better? So soon after the sale you will be entitled to your money back, the world is your 'lobster' SW
  19. Why not enter it in the comp??? SW
  20. Thats the point Janet, enjoy. I get very . . . sorry, 'used to get', very frustrated with my self, for not doing as well as other pictures I had seen. Now-a-days, it does not really matter, I do things 'my way' . . . I only have 'me' to impress . . . and . . . I impress myself quite often 'big head, me' The old camera, not a canon by any chance? colour looks very canon like? and sharp to! Keep your eye on the 'green/yellow cast', might be a faulty camera??? It really should not do that, its supposed to be automatic! Decide sooner rather than later for a replacement! . . . ?
  21. Well, well, thats just fine Janet, what hapend to the ones that you first posted??? . . . cos I aint got a clue . . . keep producing them like this one and the technique will come . . . By the way, an angler on the staging would have added interest, perhaps with a red hat or somthing bright on for some extra colour . . . Just a tad over exposed (would have killed the green a bit to) by 1/3-1/2 a stop, a toch of sharpening, all can be added when you get a PhotoShop type program. The review says the camera has manual control so thats something for the future to help this type of shot, do
  22. Janet, I dont know that I'm helping, just pointing out a problem This is a pic of part of my back garden, very uninteresting subject, but it was taken on 'Auto White Balance'. This is how I asses my setting, picture, streight on screen, make changes, another pic, onto screen . . . etc. I have problems with green saturation, but not the colour cast. Try the pre stets, see what they give, Sun, Cloud, and Shade are the ones that should be relevent for day light, there will be a couple of others for artificial light, Flash, Tungsten and Strip light. I wonder if there is a set a
  23. Janet, these are a couple of pictures I have up loaded from a S850 review as quality samples. Greens especialy are saturated but they canot be dascribed as having a green cast. How do they compare with what you have in your computer folder? Also compare them with the shots you have posted. Put them up big for a fair comparison. So they are acceptable, greens a bit OTT, not a problem I need to tame greens on my Nikon D80 on occasions!!! I still think the White Ballance is not set right on your camera. The review mentions custome 'wb' facility, has some one been playing
  24. Janet the pics I see on my screen have a strong green/yellow cast, suspect your White Balance is not set to Auto? Worth checking, do all your pics have a green cast? Cant check this end with Exif, you probably saved with just 'Save'? If you use 'Save as' in the same menu, this will keep Exif details attached and we can check and help. Any one else see this? SW
  25. You ain't alone mate, you have to fight. Been there, not quite got the tea shirt . . . not with the marriage bit fortunately and not personally with the 'BIG C' but 'looking from the outside in' can be just as devastating. Lost my dear late wife to cancer in 1995, fishing went out of the window for 4 years, as did most other things, move on . . . My partner Hazel, fought and overcame it in the year of 2006, the difference, we, thats the 'Royal we', carried on life as normal? as normal as possible that is . She likes a bit of fishing . . . ?? more messing about on our boat, but she will wet
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