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  1. thanks guys we are still in Whitehaven,no news as yet of when Trevor will be stable enough to go back to Yorkshire xxxxx Jugs indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: judy
  2. hi using son's log in will be away for awhile Trev taken seriously while on a weekend break
  3. Has anyone fished here or are you a member ??? just waiting to be come a member thought it was about time to start fishing on my door step
  4. I have just brought a new TFG seat box and TFG rodholdall from them as iam just starting up coarse fishing there prices are very good
  5. chef

    Photo Of The Day.

    went down to Reepham for the 1 st time and my mum and dad got me course fishing here's a few photo's and one even with my mum wake-in my dad http://i726.photobucket.com/albums/ww268/k...am/DSC00092.jpg http://i726.photobucket.com/albums/ww268/k...am/DSC00082.jpg
  6. chef


    just got back from my 1 st time coarse fishing with the best teachers my mum and dad went all last week and had a blast .
  7. thankyou have told him what you all have said and i will have to wait and see what happens again thankyou all
  8. hello everyone how is everyone ??? good christmas / new year ????? can any one help my pal has got an O2 dongle and every time he goes on line it take 25 min even thou it tells him that there is good coverage in his area .But once he is online after about 5 to 10 min's it kick's him off and to get back online he has to reconect and it does it again . Iwas wondering if you can help me out pls as he is pestering me to let him use my broadband lol, just had a thought do they have a timeout clock ????? pls help thankyou
  9. good luck to everyone in the photo comp this month
  10. well done snatcher fab pic well done to everyone in this months comp
  11. Congratulations Rob & Claire glad the day went well wishing you both many happy years to come for the both of you all the best Andy
  12. chef

    Photo Of The Day.

    was on my way to work and had to come back and get a pic
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