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  1. Hi Steph welcome along Hope we can encourage you to continue your good luck
  2. I have a copy of the 1962 Book "How I Fish" by Dennis Pye Broadland Angler Chapters on Pike Rudd Roach and Tench on the broads Offers please.
  3. As a former broads matchman the eel population just crashed within one season! Oh how we used to moan about them but it's worrying not to catch them anymore
  4. Welcome to the forum. Here is a reminder of the wallis cast
  5. With the last few weeks fishless at night is has to be the Optonic song. "Silent Night"
  6. Lamprey a River Waveney best bait. Still use Spratt on the drains or smaller waters. I never fish without injecting salmon oil in my dead baits
  7. I would attempt to catch every species of freshwater fish I could make up your own Great Rod Race.
  8. Personally I would stick with the 300's and 310's Unless u wanna sell em to me lol I loved the 308 best reel and nice and simple to use.
  9. When I first started fishing in 1981 my training ground was Kessingland Sluice in Suffolk along the River Hundred more like a drain than a river. I was taught by a Roach angler and I would set up a Drennan Stillwater blue with 2lb ine a 1lb bottom and 18 fine wire hook fishing single caster. It was under the rod tip fishing and my PB then was 2 lb 4oz In the winter I fished with another Roach angler on the River Hundred Stretch off the A12 along the Latymere Dam Bread Flake produced less than 3 2lb roach per winter. in the 2st C Mink and Otters and continued pumping of the river due to mild wet winters has really ballsed up the Roaching, Having said that there is a shoal of very big Bream, and some huge Tench still there. a local club used to have it but its all gone now as the club went to easier commercials
  10. This makes me so angry this is why we should keep our catches secret. http://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/news/inv..._broad_1_815209
  11. Yes it Did it was hooked in the chops before the hooks fell out in the net!
  12. A jointed Plug from Fox, It was a good run too, Bumped off two Further Fish which were hopefully Pike LOL
  13. Caught this on a plug whilst Piking on local Cut (I have several witnesses)
  14. Just been down to my tidal river looks high but may be ok for monday's session
  15. My method is 22 or smaller hooks, Barbless fine wire. 1lb mainline 8oz bottom, One pinkie on a link ledger. trickle say three pinkies increasing to four or five if u catch. Everyhting has to be so fine that you are just after getting any fish. HTH Benacre.
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