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  1. Posted on another site by me, I thought it might be intersting to the members of AN . . . old bones and camera weight are becoming a problem, something that will catch us all up at some time ? . . . : . . . After much deliberation, I finally made the decision, 'back to basics', my photography has to 'fit in with my life', and a heavy oversize camera bag, a body thats not getting any younger, painful shoulders, arms and dodgy knee . . . So how best to go about the change, my style is best described as 'street', something happens, see a photo opportunity as one rounds a corner, I want a came
  2. It would not let me email you from your 'public profile'. I have seen a re register massage recently . . . tend to ignore things like that As far as posting pics is concerned, it does not give me the option to 'past'? Oh well, if I cant, I cant . . . SW
  3. Cant send email, still having problems with picture posting . . . ? wont even connect on occasions! Is this to do with an email a few weeks back? Change, re-register etc? Very frustrating . . . SW
  4. Does not seem to allow the 'Past' box to appear? I have to say I have just upgraded to Explorer 8 . . . 'Copy from Photobucket/Past pic to site' works fine on other sites . . . ? SW Just tried it again, its now working . . .
  5. Tried to post pics on 'Photo of day', wont let me do it . . . SW
  6. And there was me thinking, 'Pole Fishing' . . . . . . a variant on 'Pole Dancing' . . . I'll have a bit of that . . .
  7. PS6? . . . I presume you mean PS Elements v.6, I dont keep up with full PS versions, so there may be a PS6? If it is Ev.6, its probably the same as my Ev.7. I simply open Elements, drag the RAW picture into the 'E window', Elements automatically opens it in a RAW overlay window. Make any adjustments then click the tab in the bottom right that says 'open Image', it automatically opens the picture in Elements, converted to JPG, make any further changes and work as normal.
  8. Had the same problem Fred . . . but I ignored it, chose the 'January' option and carried on, as you can see it loaded 3 pics OK, makes up the numbers, have no idea if it registers in Feb comp? . . . Not that it makes much difference, not many looking it appears . . . ? Seems that way which ever sit one looks at at the moment, activity is low . . . perhaps its the weather? SW
  9. ? perhaps . . . ? but only if you are drifting and even then, use a light rod and it compensates . . . I also have a '6500 Rocket' (small version of the 7500) that is the dogs swingers, on braid its fine but might be a bit light on mono line capacity for some, although mine was OK filled with 12lb mono until I swapped to braid? . . . 6500 + an abu 12lb 7'9" Suveran . . . magic!
  10. I have had a pair for a few years now . . . nothing on the market I would change them for in the generl purpose, 7000 size SW
  11. Is that an HDR Janet? Just looked on FP . . . It is HDR, sorry looks like an over cooked 'un sharp jobie' to me SW
  12. The Gabbard is going to go the way of Kentish Knock? . . . has gone? Most fish last season that I saw were single figures, a few doubles, nothing like it was 3 or 4 years ago. One boat I know was putting the single figure 6-8 pounders back! wrong way round but thats how it was back then. Shows the thinking, 'keep big fish' . . . Yes 'Dave B', I do know where you mean . . . Funny you should mention Turbot . . . Have a few thoughts along those lines my self. SW
  13. Her you go Dan, type 'goats climbing trees' into google, loads of pics there. SW
  14. Best bass fishing? . . . Mmm, I have been there, and yes its great, there were loads of bass in residence, in a restricted area, on a feeding frenzy. They are getting smaller and fewer according to the catches I've seen and the discussions I've had. Loads of bass, in a small area, sand eel bait . . . there is no mistake with a bass bite . . . frankly its a 'Turkey Shoot in a barrel'!!!! The tackle anglers use, seems heavy to me as a sporting angler, that is. The amount of fish that come of the Gabbard to the same boats, two or three times a week on occasions . . . 'personal consumption'?
  15. Frankly, if anglers keep up the pressure on the Gabbard bass like it has in recent years, there wont be a problem, there wont be many bass left of any size to make it worth the £100 to £150's worth of fuel at present prices. Heard a program on the radio the other day that was laying it on the line, £1.50 -£2.00 a litre, is only a few (5?) years away. Fuel scarcity is a reality we cannot ignore, do we not understand supply, demand and greed? I have no problem with bass fishing in general, I take my share, but I have seen the bags first hand, and seen the fish get progressively smaller year
  16. Steve, D3000, thats a nice surprise, great camera. As a Nikon man of a few years, and half a dozen bodies. I've never found the supplied software worth much, recently upgraded to a D90, I did look but not worth a light, compared with the Adobe Elements 7/camera RAW that I like. In fact one program I tried a couple of years back, took over the computer making everything on that disk 'default' over all other programs . . . took a few hours to reconfigure too. These days, I appreciate the quality of Nikon cameras and steer clear of their software, my preference is; 'card into the computer
  17. Hi Rob, I'm very much a green horn at this Elements/RAW thing. Recently . . . 12 months ago, went through hell with my 6 year old computer, crashing, freezing, and generally being a pain just at critical moments . . . bin job!!! Now my nice new 'Dual cored' box of tricks is very happy to accommodate me at break neck speed. I got the computer made to my order from www.easypc-uk.com mail order, Martin Weston is easy to deal with and a gentleman. So now I can run most of what I need, currently Ev.7 with Camera Raw plug-in. Did you followed the saga in FP, of me getting the plug-in to work
  18. Requirement: use on a dory . . . if the dory is open or open backed, 'water proof and floats' seems essential to me? SW
  19. Here you go Elton, £50 upwards. Personally I would go for 'Icom' M33 waterproof and floats! They have a superb audio, no good having a radio that you cant hear properly or you cant be understood! You have heard them, they crackle and pop, or sounds like bacon frying in the background. Personal opinion; I wont have anything else on my boat? On the other hand at £50, the Cobra is attractive for occasional use . . . http://www.force4.co.uk/c/77/Handheld-VHF-...CFYIA4wodfURKpw SW
  20. Ah . . . Telescope . . . ? No idea about them, non at all . . . ? SW
  21. Yes I can definitely see being more into the 'birdies' if I could get something like this occasionally? What sort of lens Ayjay? We got a lot of water birds on the Orwell and Stour, fairly easy access too, plus I do have a boat. SW
  22. Rob, I have put that RSPB site on my favorites list, be very useful for future reference . . . not great 'birdy type' but I can see it coming??? SW
  23. I usually knock back with exposure compensation a tad. I run both cameras at -0.3 or -0.7 anyway, depends on how bright the sun is? I wonder if its a function of JPG? dont know, but JPG does burn highlights out???? May be, try a tad under exposed and shoot in RAW, then restore on the computer? . . . Yes Fred, I did type that, now going to wash my mouth with soap . . . SW
  24. As you will have noticed, we have had a fairly lively discussion re the subject of Auto-Manual etc. Now I have always tended towards auto or semi-auto. Steve explaining his method of selecting manual, setting ISO and an 'f' number say f8, and then twiddling the control, looking through the viewfinder and bringing the meter to zero, click, a well exposed picture . . . Initially one was sceptical, however, after a little experimenting I found the D80 responded OK . . . . I wondered how the D40x would fair, considering its cut down functions? Well, after a little head scratching, and 'destruc
  25. Tried to keep a 'measure' of light heartedness in this, seems its got a bit serious. No I dont 'see it' Steve, you and a lot of others are 'photoholics' intend as a light hearted description of a 'knowledgeable enthusiast', I put a line under all this at post #40? Its obvious I'm not as serious a photographer as others? . . . I wont be giving any further help to 'any one', my experience in dealing with problems within the 'wider photographic envelope' is obviously considered of little value. I will just be a pain and keep posting my 'snapshots', on AN? . . . that remains to be seen?
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