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  1. My longest was 2 weeks (south africa) but I regularly used to do week sessions as holidays, always abroad and mainly in France. In the UK I have done a week but 2 or 3 nights would be my prefered duration. That said I haven't down a single night since 2010 Rob.
  2. I've had eels, tench, bream, rudd, roach and pike on boilies, oh and a trout on corn whilst fishing for carp in the UK. I've also had both sturgeon and catfish on boilies in France, although my largest cat was caught in Spain using a modest sized live bait. Rob.
  3. Yes indeed, I can't see how that will give you a health benefit. Why not just be honest and tell the Dr like it is - or if you really can't be bothered then don't go and see him / her ? Rob.
  4. Lovely picture, and I've not seen one of those before, just the 'normal' oystercatcher. Rob.
  5. Photoshop might help but it works wonders if you shoot in RAW. You can easily rescue very dark or over exposed shots, with no loss of image quality. Rob.
  6. I haven't been as frequent a visitor as in the past, and only just heard the news via a comment on facebook. It is very sad news and my thoughts are with Newt and his family at this very sad time. Rob.
  7. That's correct but you can easily freeze it. If you're just using for hookbaits then you won't need tons - depending on the fish activity. If you're unsure how much you'll need then take spare paste frozen in a flask and use it or return it to the freezer at the end of the session. Rob.
  8. You could but it's cheaper just to make the paste direct. To make from boilies grind them down in a liquidiser and mix with egg. I have always made paste just from the base mix etc - i.e. a normal boilie mix, just don't boil it. Rob.
  9. As mentioned it could be an allergy. If it's bad now with a new bivvy it suggests it could be that. Try not using a bivvy or keeping it as open as possible. All I can suggest is some tests to see what you may be allergic to. Rob.
  10. I did better in 1 than two, but I don't really mind. It's good to see though that the site is a little better, but our work league suffered big time, just 1/3 as many entries as last season. Rob.
  11. Can't help you directly I'm afraid, but try popping into the local fishing shops for advice. If you buy something and they are friendly / helpful then they will be a good source of info. Rob.
  12. It's one option. I prefer to pick a boilie that works and stick with it. I used one flavour for 6 years (and then changed to one that caught me less fish.... ) Rob.
  13. Yep done that, quite funny I've heard of people turning mates bivvies around in the night - before sewn in groundsheets. Rob.
  14. I think those of us that played last year are automatically re-enrolled. It certainly looks like I am. Rob.
  15. I too think it's wrong to have to opt out, but more importantly most transplant doctors also don't like the opt out idea. It leads to far fewer problems at the end if the family can be told 'he/she opted in' - and unless things have changed the family have the final say anyway. Rob.
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