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  1. My kinda pictures Clifftop a life on the ocan waves . . . . Going down to my boat this afternoon, see if I can get a few sea bass??? Ho-Humm . . . I get as much pleasure from being afloat as I do fishing these days I will have the camera with me as well, never know, I might get a photo oportunity . . . ET
  2. Janet, the Freezer bag will do to keep the body dry, hold your hand above the lens, compose, press the shutter, then put the camera under your coat lens pointing down. Thats how I took these 'Wood & Water' shots, it was chucking it down . . . fresh out of freezer bags and shower hats Had a good day to day, plenty of fairs and tips, one was a £16'er, they gave me £20, dont get that to much these days, more like 20p . . . if you are lucky! Have a good un tomorrow and I can have all of Friday off. Do paper work, make a couple of phone calls, chase care insurance, pay my licenc
  3. Thanks 'ayjay', I suspected Elton had not been putting money in the meeter . . . It just seems to have been going on for a long time. Hopefully sorted soon? SW
  4. Janet, dont try to use the shower cap after you have cut the hole in it though . . . Yes, a large freezer bag will do a similar job . . . ??? not so good as a shower cap though . . . Get inside a large black bin bag, cut small hole for camera lens, and a couple for your eyes . . . . errrrr, its the silly season and I have had a glass or three of some quality Merrydown cider . . . SW
  5. Back to squar one, slow as ever again, tells me of ISP falts and things, getting realy fed up. What going on, the other sites I visit do not exhibit the same problem!!! SW
  6. OK Mick, I understand, its not HDR, point taken. You know what mate, that b***dy picture has been in my mind all day . . . As I have said, I appreciate the artistry but why not the picture?? It sure is cool the skin colour is 'cadaver' like (perhaps you should visit your doctor Mick?) But thats not the problem . . . its the subtle distortions, makes it look very aggressive, to me, I think you have used distortion? . . . same on the other images off this type as well? As one has got older, one is finding such things in general unsettling, especially if its subtle. TV programs I now
  7. Janet, Creepy, Spooky? is there a difference when 'the face' is looking at you from the shadowssss . . . ? As for the 'Portal', yes thats OK Janet, I like 'Loony Tunes' too, remember Roger Rabbit . . . ? . . . . I love the idea, just to freaky for me . . . unreal . . . Sorry Mick, your imagination is grate, I just dont go with the final results coupled with HDR . . . !!! I wont comment any more on HDR . . . I'll get my coat . . . . SW OFC
  8. Mmmm???? I still see it as a hint of cartoons, sorry, just not my style, but as you say, you have a fertile mind. Now your competition entry, 'the Face', thats a whole different ball park in my book, creepy, is just one of my thoughts on 'the Face'. SW OFC
  9. Been there Rob, depends on your computer? until I changed to a new one in January, I could only run up to V.4 . . . v.5 crashed my old computer everytime!!! I was light on RAM only 512mb and the CPU was not up to it either, all 6 years old! Up graded to 2GB of RAM, worked fine but the old girl used to throw a general wobbly every few days, very frustrating!! New modern spec., computer in Jan., sorted the problem, now its only finger trouble I have to contend with! SW
  10. I have been having sloooowww problems loading 'AN' (especially at peak times) on my IEv8/XP, new computer in Jan. All other sites seem to work OK!!! very frustrating that its only AN. So I tried the above, it has 'sort of' worked, its quicker to load now, still slower than other sites, but not the frustrating minutes, that it was before. Thanks Newt. SW
  11. Rob, Elements v.7 can be had at Amazon currently for as little as £31.00+PP. There are a few on the site listed as used up to £35 . . . in truth they are packages but with out a box, its how I got my Ev.7. The word is, Ev.6 is so close, if you are already running v.6 its not worth the upgrade, wait for v.8??? when ever that might be? The difference between V.2 and v.7 is dramatic and £30'ish + postage is good value. Janet's suggestion of down loading the 30 days free trial is a good idea, it dies after 30 days, delete it from your computer, go to Amazon, buy the unboxed full version
  12. Whew Rob, you are going back a bit . . . I did use Ev2 a looooooooong while ago, think it saves 'JPG' as standard?? Try working on a copy image, save to windows folder, hover mouse over thumb-nail, it will give basic information like that as a pop-up. The present form of Ev7, there are is a whole list of formats when saving, that you need to read carefully the first couple of times, the JPG format can be missed, even worse for me, dyslexia makes list look very jumbled The other comment I would make is, Ev2, if memory serves, bears little resemblance visually on screen to its modern versi
  13. I think the point is Mick, its what you want from a camera. Me, I'm happy doing what I do, very simple, but my 'photographers eye' is getting better, therefor I can appreciate my work better, it does not bother me what other think. And those that I do give pictures to, usually by email, are not photographers, so think I'm gods gift! poor deluded souls I also appreciate 'natural' pictures, as you are aware, the Richo CX1 is absolutely spot on for me, and if some times one might like a little more punch, its close enough to only need just that tade of persuasion in PS? Personally, whe
  14. I'm reading other web sights and getting the idea that the compact market is catching up? Catching up with what? My feeling is DSLR's, not the hair shirt, anorak, enthusiast 3lbs hanging around the neck type, they will never change, they are hobbyist of the first order, and more power to their elbow. No, I feel the likes of people like me . . . I love my photography, but get very fed up with the ball and chain hanging around the neck, I go for a walk, to spend some quality time with my partner and our dog. I include my photography as part of my life, it is not my life. Canon, Nikon, Si
  15. Needed sharpening, any ideas . . . ? You had been at the Gin . . . Pictures often need a tad of 'sharp', I suspect from the low elevation, you were crouched at an awkward angle? if so, that can often introduced camera shake I have found? Windy? thats wind blow, not wind . ! . ! . ! excuse me . . . The camera chose to slow a shutter speed? Get the tripod out Janet . . . Exif could have helped to answer some of these. SW ofc
  16. I agree, lighting is interesting? I am seeing what I can only describe as green, blue and red 'noise' on the tread of the tyre? I presume this can be addressed as you become more familiar with the technique? SW ofc
  17. Janet, Fred's advise on the Macro shot I think is good, might try a little stronger colour? This is my version of the normal picture, I have tightened the crop, strengthened the colour in 'levels' made the knot hole a feature and added a touch of sharpen. Try it on the original, as I obviously cant go to far on the reduced pixel count shot. SW
  18. Fred, Hose? . . . it was chucking it down with rain!!! . . . is that over kill . . . As a last resort/glove compartment option, the '5 mega pixel S50' compact does well I think. Just goes to show, we don't really need expensive DSLR's . . . ???? Been that route in my mind a few times, especially as I the royal we . . . also own a D40X and a D80. If push came to shove, and I had to choose just one camera/lens, to serve me for the remainder of my photographic life, nothing more technical than I do here on site, hard up, no cash . . . so whats new Money no object (within reason)
  19. Janet, trying to look at your photos 'Exif information', ie shutter speed, aperture etc. This information is not available with your pictures. Its usualy transferred and held, unseen, automaticaly, at the point of taking the picture and accessed with an Exif program. However, it is only transferred with the picture when you save your pictures if you use 'save as', I suspect you are using 'save', 'save' does not transfer the exif detail to the picture. Exif information is also a requirement of the competition, although it seems not to be an enforced rule at the mo? SW
  20. There is an idea . . . Subject 'Water and Wood' get out this weekend with the camera, garden, local park, even the gutter if it rains, just for fun, see what you come up with? SW ofc
  21. Parked up waiting for a job, the weather was strange. Very wet, raining but bright . . . I had the Compact in the glove compartment??? is it worth having a hose about?? These are the results of not moving more than 20 meters from the car, holding my hand above the lens to stop the rain splashing on it, and on occasions, holding the camera on the floor, pointing and hope, you dont think I was going to grovel, in good clothes do you? Whilst I dont put any, in the watch out Sir David Baily class, or even 1st in the forum competition. I do see them as personal satisfaction, I have a thi
  22. . . . I have posed these pics on 'AN Photo site' . . . then thought relevant to the Sea Angling forum as well. Old pics 2006, but we are coming into the Tope season within a few weeks, hole bunch of small tides off Suffolk/Essex which will bring the heavily pregnant females in to pup, followed closely by fit, rampant males!!! You want a record breaker, then its the females, but they are like a sack of potatoes to bring in. The males on the other hand are fit a raring to go, they will pull your string as did the male in the picture. At the same time, or just a tad sooner, like now! Sm
  23. Like them Fred, like them a lot I feel cool just looking SW OFC
  24. Nothing special on the diet, just stop eating between meals, classic or what cut protein and fat intake a little, (fat by a lot!) but the main thing was to increase vegetables, loads of veg!! or salad, pig out on salad . . . o'yes and get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, surprising how that focuses the mind All under controll now, but still need to loose some more weight, seriouse dieting in winter is not good, especialy the cold one we had this year! gained a couple of kg's over this winter By the way the fish in the pictures went back afterwards. SW OFC
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