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  1. Wow, a year already. Missed my so many. RIP Mr Wiggley.
  2. Cheers guys. Yea, I always have a good time away fishing. Only problem I have is I dont get to do enough of it. Next trip is planned fro Jan 2. 10 days away on the remote West Coast. Mick.
  3. Here's a brief trip report from my last adventure about a week ago. Each winter I go over to Elliston. A small seaside town on our remote Eyre Peninsular. Its about a 7.5 hour drive so we tend to spend a few days fishing there. Our target fish is the Australian Salmon. They grow up to 6kg (rare) but they're mostly found at around 2 - 4kg. Pound for pound they'd be one of the best fighting fish around. And if you're casting lures (I use a 100g blue coloured Laser lure) they fight even better. Mostly we use a heavy sinker with wire botton, a grappling or grapnel sinker as the tide and rip can be
  4. Been using the flash's again. Two 430 EXII's. Both shot thru brollies. One up high to subjects right and a little behind. The other at shoulder level to subjects left and slightly in front.
  5. Oooh she's got her eye one you!!
  6. Bugga, that angle and pose would be awesome if it was a sharp shot Pa!! Keep at it though. One of em will come thru for ya. Mick.
  7. Cheers Janet. I just updated it to my other RB site. Looks even better now. ;-)
  8. Shot last weekend. I'm really not happy with how they turned out. I couldnt believe how difficult it was to shoot a near black car. I opted to shoot on dark thinking this would be good as i would get less reflections but wow, hard to light. I've managed to save one or two but they're not what I was hoping for.
  9. Awesome Dragon's Ayjay. Great detail and colour. Here's a couple with me and the mutts.
  10. Well done Den. A beautiful and topical shot. A real cracker and a deserved winner. And well done to all the other entrants. Some great work there. Mick.
  11. Thanks for having a look folks. Yea, I think the first is the better one too. I've got one or two more to process but I think these would be the best. I'll probably post em later in the week. Mick.
  12. Cheers Snatcher. No mate, I doubt he'll let anyone drive her. And at 315KW or 422HP I bet she goes like the clappers. And its only a 6 cylinder. Beats the V8's hands down. Mick.
  13. Shot a mate FPV F6 yesterday. A little harder than I'd expected but fun and a good start I think.
  14. OK, had my coffee now and I'm feeling much better. AND, have worked out how to resize, keep EXIF and not make pic blocky. Mick.
  15. Well I can tell you now, I shoot in RAW and I'm sure as hell not going to go out and change my settings EVERY TIME I see a shot that I think might go in the AN photo comp. You must be joking. RAW is the very basic's of editing, it's not removing lamp posts, or adding extra flowers to a shot, it's just colour correcting, exposure adjusting basic editing. As for EXIF, I've got nothing to hide but I cant get the EXIF up there. I convert from RAW but then when I resize, I use the "Save for web or device" coz if I dont the pic comes out very very blocky. I think this is where my EXIF goes AWOL.
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