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  1. They may enjoy a plate of fish and chips and whelks on the side

    Does anyone care a tiny amount of the total gdp of england now has to sell their catch in england ? They choose to send it abroad its not mandatory when the country has to import the exact same thing?! Cut out the middle man and flog it here.Have you seen the price of a jar of cockles ? They probably are caught here ,exported then re imported at a huge mark up for the middle man .

    Lets look at logic if fisherman sam flogs it to pierre for say £15 a lump then pierre sells it back to the consumer here for £20 why not the fisherman flog it here for £17.5 and get more and we save money buying it and it will be fresher with less foreign phlegm in it! Sam gains ,we gain ,pierre loses most probably because his mates the EU are deliberately punishing everyone to get a point across ,their boss tough to everyone else

    Theres a very old saying dont put all your eggs in one basket but no-one takes any notice so its their fault! Dont do it!

  2. The creel in aldershot closed pre covid they were to honest!

    The new polish and turks etc found a loophole in the system (according to the couple that ran the shop) and every few months they all changed places with each other which classed them as new businesses and got financial help and tax loopholes because of this (i am just providing hearsay how would i know how the system works? But i though my eyes were playing up seeing a shop on one side had magically gone to the other ) anyway with the system as it is and the lack of footfall for major tackle they gave up the shop and moved to a carp puddle a few miles away where the footfall is bigger . Unfortunately though a very nice couple in this day and age being nice doesnt bring in customers ,i got my one and only parking ticket chatting lol

    They have been closing for years farnham had two both gone aldershot had two one survives i think the one at farnborough survives? And if you go back to my childhood scores have closed every tom dick and harry sold tackle inc M&S and ofcourse woolies! ,whilst online is great for ease and price it has downfalls ,if a retailer has to order say a rod in for you and put a mark up to do that you may as well do it yourself and save a trip and a few quid .Unfortunately buying maggots and a few floats and a chat doesnt pay enough today

  3. A geriatric nurse was asked why at 10 pm every night she gave her elderly male patients a viagra tablet

    Are they all having sex with the female patients? the person asked

    Goodness me no they are long past sex she said ,some cannot even remember what it was

    So why then?

    It stops them accidentaly rolling out of bed and hurting themselves said the canny nurse

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  4. Never mind ,do we need yet more opinion from a remainer? How about a brexit opinion for a change but why do you need to post an opinion from someone else cant you simply state yours? Who the hell even cares what other people care about we know their biased or you wouldnt post them!

    By the way wheres these empty shelves and a choked up m20 you promissed?


  5. Sarah who? Oh yes the thick as **** idiot who didnt know who shakespear was , yes great person to base anything on lol might aswell talk to your cat ,thinking shes some sort of hard to beffuddle hard line politico with her finger on the pulse is laughable i wouldnt ask which tap is hot never mind anything about trump!

    Reminds me of jillian brians girlfreind in family guy ,pleasent enough to look at but thick as **** to speak to

    Why do people think politicians know anything other than to line their pockets and do as they're told by those that line them and I dont mean those that vote them in i mean the very big businesses they should be controlling!

    People storm capitals because they want to ,morons do it because they are told to in reality or the voices in their tell them to.

    If that was a riot they should pop over here for advice that was nothing other than an unruly mob getting carried away 

    As for texas they were warned a decade ago green energy is crap ,solar doesnt work at night and wind turbines need wind ,unfortunately this country is ignoring this aswell ,one day the fools will make us 100% dependant on green energy ,one dark still night we wont have any energy!

  6. My last one is FAR more interesting it shows blair knew we would vote against further integration in the EU so why the surprise we voted out when the chance occurred? We couldnt renegotiate the EU doesnt do that so the only options were stay in and do further integration as the EU wants or get the hell out while we can .

    We got the hell out except of course we didnt as you can see with the deal people insisted we get the EU still decide our future.

    Our best deal would have been no deal then start negotians once the EU saw the effect on their members not use the effect on us to use as leverage for the deal which favours them we got,my tick got what  i wanted  every other person may not be as happy and it will be reflected in the next elections .

    There will be several camps

    Those wanting to go back in despite knowing that will result in even a worse deal than now with the EU hollding ALL the cards

    Those happy with what we hhav half in half out UK gov pretending to be in charge EU doing its best to get back in charge at any cost to the UK

    And those wanting out, not the out we have now but the one on the ballot total out!

    If the tories dont look out they will lose those remaining with the tories as they said they would respect the vote but didnt!

    Labour will lose the brexit voters they may have had left because they have changed their stance on being for brexit to being for remain

    Liberals never wanted out so have already lost the brexit voters

    This leaves a great number of brexit voters looking for a party that have no problem with no deal and a leader who has no respect for the EU and has inside knowledge of how it runs ,we know who that will be lol and they dont have to win splitting the vote leaves a hung parliament and the tories or labour whoever wins will have to ask them to join to form a government

    The remainers desperatly want the country to fail so they can say we told you so ,the brexiters desperately want it to be fine so they can say the same ,none of this effects the real enemy the EU the problem is right there for not only us but europe as a whole

    This party will split the vote so will be sharing power with whoever says the right thing each voter wants remainer or Brexiter so prepare for lots of fun! But i think any brexiter will know the third party is the only option for brexit and will vote accordingly

    They may have voted labour as labour indicated they would go the brexit route but changed their mind after the referendum showing contempt for their voters

    They may have voted tory as they went the brexit route but failed showing they were weak and afraid of the EU despite their boastings to their voters

    So this leaves the last option a party that says it will brexit full stop ,well until it doesnt lol

  7. The answer is still yes

    You may find this amusing with the results of the referendum

    This regards the promissed referendum on the lisbon treaty blair signed

    "However, at his usual monthly news conference on 22 April, Blair said: "If the British people vote 'no', they vote 'no'. You can't keep bringing it back until they vote 'yes'."[citation needed]BBC Radio 4 and The Times have subsequently reported[citation needed] some back-tracking on this issue from "Number 10" (presumably the press office). Despite Blair's assertions (he has made several other, similar statements), the position remains not entirely clear."

    He then backtracked on the referendum and signed it anyway knowing i presume the result would be no so never gave the electorate a chance to stop the UK going in further.

    Isnt it strange in the only referendum we had the majority voted yes but the remain side keep wanting to bring it back until we say no! How things change ! When things dont go your way!

  8. I didnt vote an mp to bring about brexit ,i voted to bring about brexit the trouble was mp's insisted in getting involved despite me never voting them in to have that power!

    We have ministries to handle that stuff

  9. I was using your terms ,trump wasnt elected ,just like clinton ,if he had been elected THEN he was re -elected.

    So in your head anyone that doesnt get a job they are given the boot ? ,if say theres a position in a pay scale above what they are in that three people try for the two that dont get it are given the boot ?

    MP's are moved about from front to back benches all the time they are not given the boot they are still mp's ,trump is still trump hes just not president any more ,if he had been replaced mid term then he would have been given the boot ,he wasnt so your wrong

    Trump wasnt sacked he just wasnt elected again thats not getting the boot in all senses of the word ,corbyn WAS given the boot because he was replaced as party leader theres the difference!

    Trump wasnt chucked out on his arse corbyn was you see theres a vast difference ,doesnt matter how much you cry its history and cannot be changed ,sorry clod

    Trump served right to the end of his term he wasnt sacked however much you wanted him to be 

  10. Why do i have to repeat jobs for the boys goes through all parties throughout history ,if people dont like it why do they vote them in ?

    I am not in denial you must be very thick indeed not to understand my old post that ALL mp's should be beaten to death in front of their children, idiot!

    If you dont ****ing like what they do dont ****ing vote them in they are all exactly the same whatever party they represent and i mean party not the electorate!

  11. He wasnt realected doesnt mean he got the boot ,if ten people were after a job and only one got it does it mean the rest got the boot? Did the clinton bitch "get the boot" when she wasnt elected? Or do your really mean really given the boot midterm like your mate corbyn ? No trump served his term full time he wasnt given the boot like corbyn was

    They serve fixed terms getting the boot means they were sacked he served the term in full ,stop twisting reality to suit your obvious bias

    The definition of "get the boot" is told to leave your job or school ,he wasnt told to leave he wasnt elected so he left at the end of his term as he would have if he hadnt wanted to get a second term.Bush served one term did he "get the boot" or just not get realected?

    You hoped in your naivety if trump was impeached it would mean him getting kicked out of office it didnt so suck it up!

  12. He didnt get the boot ,he fullfilled his term to the full ,getting the boot means sacked ! He wasnt!

    If your implying not getting realected (or employed to do a role) is "getting the boot" then most of the workers on the planet has "got the boot" most probably including yourself ! 

    The only president i can think of losing his job was Nixon resigning after watergate so even he didnt "get the boot"

  13. 28 minutes ago, big_cod said:

    And  where is he now a disgraced president, his opponent got the biggest vote in American history to oust him , Lawsuits coming out of his ears the American people rejected him .As they say you can bullshit the people some of that time but not all of the  time  the games up .Will that  play out in the U.K. it’s anybody guess .


    Trump lasted end of story

    The thread is "will Donald Trump last" yes in the context of your thread he did ,and he will last as donald trump until he changes his name or dies.

    Posting anything will not change that

  14. Please be very gentle with pike they are not the savage brutes people think they are ,infact they are very fragile so strike quickly its far better to miss the odd one than deep hook it .

    I gave up multi treble steel traces decades ago and use just one hook a pretty large sea hook pushed through the forehead of a deadbait  or two with the other pushed through the back bone if the deadbait is fragile like a sea fish (had lots of success with sardines) and its easy to use an unhooking mat with a flip over cover so you can pin the fish down with a knee each side holding the flap under your knees facing the head ,a pike flapping about knashing can be quite alarming to a new pike angler lol

    My mat is oval about 3 ft long blue one side silver the other i have never seen another on the bank in the 35 years (perhaps longer?) i have owned it ,great for sitting on in the hours of waiting

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  15. Blimey i wouldnt predict such things or you get laughed at like cod does when his numerous predictions fail!

    Stick to 50/50 everything and hedge your bets its safer! LoL

    The EU very easily buys complience or most would have gone already! The few that are net contributers have deep pockets and as its their little club favouring them they will get deeper ,once all the poor ones are in so much debt to the EU they wont be able to leave for fear of retribution they will then be slave states producing cheap goods or services in an effort to repay the debts to the cost of their own people , it started in Africa now its come to Europe

    As to the unrest its been here since Merkle opened the borders to mass immigration now covid and the lack of immunisations has seen countries ignore threats from Brussels to comply and it will only get worse once Britain gets on its feet hopefully pulling the rug from the EU and its dirty tricks and harmful "level playing field" anti competition dictats!

    If i were doris i would tell the EU NI is part of the UK were going to do what we want regarding it ,if YOU want a border YOU put it in place YOU fund it ,YOU patrol it and YOU take the consequences of doing it and WE will ignore it if that's what Stormont  wants THEY run the place!

    Despite what people think there is a border between NI and ireland all NI vehicles (on the main routes at least) are checked going south for some certificate  needed in southern ireland to comply with the law and all appropriate vehicals are checked going north for red (or green i forget?) diesel and vans checked for tax purposes  so in essence ireland isnt border free just not watch towers and gates with squaddies on like in the past which is the problem !

  16. Man in court in Denmark re coughing in someones face whilst shouting covid! IMHO Should be treated like someone waving a gun ,just because its not used is irrevelent!

    France entering "white plan",freeing up as many hospital beds as possible

    Phizer injection reduced in power by 70% in SA varient.

    Colombia starts vaccinations (would have thought they would have been first they had no problem supplying the world with their " injections")

  17. You mean the very same thing that occurred when we joined ,blimey thanks i hadnt thought of that .

    Please list the thousands of now defunct companies that went under being undercut by EU companies or put out of business because of EU directives they couldnt put into action ,thanks ,take a couple of days no rush

    What really anoys me is people who refuse to admit they lost and whine because they cant get cheap fags! You can just like you could before!

  18. The only advantage i can see is you CAN take it with you when you die ,its reconned a huge amount of bit coin sits doing nothing simply because the password cannot be remembered !

    He doesnt even need to put in his will the harddrive gets bunged in his coffin no-one else can get it ,two guesses and thats it lol

    Still rising so i predict a crash so someone can make money!

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